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Posted by disappointmentzone on 19 July 2007

A short while ago the Disappointment Zone had its 50,000th hit. Considering that when I started writing this blog in March 2006 I averaged about six hits per day (that was before moving to WordPress) reaching the 50k milestone is sufficiently impressive, at least to me. So thanks everyone who’s been visiting. Please, don’t stop.

Here are some stats for my time at WordPress (since June 30th, 2006):

50,000 hits
368 posts

135.87 hits per post
1.65 comments per post
.958 posts per day


1 BCS Championship Games played
0 BCS Championship Games won

1 NCAA D1 Men’s Basketball Championship Games played
0 NCAA D1 Men’s Basketball Championship Games won

1 NBA Finals
0 NBA Finals wins

The first group of numbers is encouraging. The second group of numbers justifies the name of this blog. Just another year in the life of a Cleveland sports fan.


3 Responses to “50,000”

  1. dave . . . said

    50,000 hits, huh??? now that’s a lot of disappointment. misery loves company and still going strong since 1964. oh the humanity. by the way, the indians will rue the day they signed eric “the genius” wedge to a rather undeserved contract extension. mark my words, they will rue the day!!! congrats, dave . . .

  2. Haze said

    You’ll get more hits if you start making Indians posts. We’re 10 days away from the trading deadline and 1 game out of the central.

  3. Dave–I’m not a big Wedge guy either. At the beginning of the season I was kinda excited because I thought he was making some smart decisions but my enthusiasm has been steadily declining. I suppose as long as the Indians are in contention I wouldn’t want to see the Indians hire a new manager, but I’m not sold on another three years of Wedge. We’ll see.

    Haze–Just wrote an Indians post. Now let’s see if there is more traffic.

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