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Bibby not coming to Cleveland

Posted by disappointmentzone on 18 July 2007

That sound you just heard was an exhale from all the basketball fans in Cleveland with a strong command of the intricacies of the game, like who is a good player and who is an over-paid, under-performing, on-the-back-nine-of-his-career, downward-spiraling player. Mike Bibby falls into the later category and, thanks to a timely Mikki Moore signing (1), the Kings are no longer interested in signing a big man, which means they are no longer interested in Drew Gooden, which means that trade between the Cavs and Kings is off. This is all according to Brian Windhorst, who wrote this in his blog.

Though it took an unsightly mistake on the part of the Kings (Moore’s contract) to terminate the possibility of a trade for Bibby — and not, as one would expect, the collective knowledge of the Cavs’ FO — all that matters now is that the Cavs aren’t saddled with another albatross of a contract tied around the neck of a player who will not help the team in proportion to the amount of money he is paid. The Cavs have Larry Hughes and that’s about all the team can handle right now. Frankly, that’s probably all the aforementioned basketball fans can handle as well.

Other notes pilfered from Windhorst’s post:

* Shannon Brown was not impressive in the summer league. No surprise there. Brown has yet to look comfortable playing basketball professionally. He is a tweener without the benefits of either side: not the handle of a PG or the shooting ability of a SG. It’s probably too early to call his career a bust, but it’s not too early to predict that he’ll never amount to much more than a 7th man on a mediocre NBA team. That’s not to slight him: he was a late first round draft pick; very few players ever make it that far; it’s not your fault, Will.

* Daniel Gibson continues to impress. Does anyone else find it mildly interesting that the Cavs were obviously targeting Gibson before last year’s draft, that Gibson was clearly interested in playing for the Cavs, and yet he ended up going in the 2nd round and will forever outshine the player drafted ahead of him? On one hand you have to wonder about how wise it was to let Gibson fall all the way to the 42nd pick when it seems as though he was the player the team wanted all along. On the other hand, getting him in the second round is actually going to be a boon for Gibson because second round draft picks sign shorter rookie contracts than first round draft picks. That means Gibson will be a free agent sooner, which means more money sooner. So by letting Gibson fall to the second round the Cavs: a) risked not drafting him at all, and b) put themselves into a position to be more financially burdened by him should he turn into a stud player. Which is what any GM wants from a draft pick, right? What’s done is done and Cleveland fans should probably just be thankful that a Cleveland team made a good draft pick. But it would be nice to have the complete story on Gibson and the Cavs. It would also be nice to know what goes on in Danny Ferry’s head, what with this and wanting to trade for Bibby.

Then again, maybe not.

fn 1: Moore signed a 3-year, $18M contract with the Kings. Dave Berri provides a nice explanation of how Moore — a career journeyman who had made just about $10M for his career — came to sign such a lucrative contract. The key? Playing time.


3 Responses to “Bibby not coming to Cleveland”

  1. Will said

    (Light shines down from heaven, hallelujah chorus ensues…)

    Windhorst also said that the Cavs believe their best change to improve the team is via trades. Yet Barnes and Knight are still available – and cheap. Really, what is Ferry thinking? I am stunned.

    I wonder if we could organize a petition to have Gilbert name the Wages of Wins guys as the collective GM. I’m partially serious about this.

  2. Erik said

    Trades are Ferry’s best chance beacuse trades are the only way Ferry is going to be able to add a significant piece, dumping salary to add salary.

    Other than that, it’s going to be a repeat of last off-season, filling in around the edges with minor role players.

    And I think Ferry could do worse than that. The Cavs are up against the cap and had no draft picks, which means Ferry is handcuffed this offseason unless he can pull a rabbit out of a hat.

    As the offseason wears on, I’m starting to arrive at the conclusion that the best route to go is re-sign Varejao and Pavlovic, maybe use a portion of the MLE on someone better than David Wesley, and basically stand pat.

    Sure, the Cavs might have been among the worst NBA Finals teams ever this past spring. But they still went through the experience of getting there together, and they still (even more importantly) play in the Eastern Conference.

  3. josh said

    how about collison and ridnour for gooden? sucks to lose gooden but he’s the best asset they have in a trade. i know your not crazy about ridnour but i am not sure that he wouldn’t compliment lebron well and bring more of an up-tempo style. Collison can play an adequate 4.

    also, would NJ bite on Gooden for Richard Jefferson?

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