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Wifi and Wedge

Posted by disappointmentzone on 17 July 2007

Two things about last night’s game, a 10-11 loss to the faltering White Sox of Chicago.

1) The Indians offer free wifi at Jacobs Field, or at least they did where I was sitting. (1) Prior to the game I took out my phone and lo! free wireless internet. I remember reading a couple of years ago about San Fransisco (or LA?) providing wireless internet to the fans, which I thought was one of those perks that is ultimately meaningless. (Not that that stopped a number of people from complaining about the organization offering it in the first place.) I mean, how many people bring a laptop to a baseball game? Probably not that many. But if you have a wireless enabled laptop you can bring it to the Jake and check your Gmail account between innings, should you want to do that. Free wireless also means that I could provide a live blog of tonight’s game (I’ll be there again). But I don’t see that happening. (2)

2) Daniel Cabrera needs to be stopped, but so does the comatose rabbit, which is not happening until 2010, I guess. The bases were clear at 9-2, a perfect opportunity to bring in a new pitcher to finish the inning without any more damage. But Wedge left Cabrera in for two more runs. Ultimately the Indians lost by one run. Further, Wedge pinch hit Trot Nixon in the bottom of the ninth. Naturally Nixon promptly surrendered to Bobby Janks in the form of a strikeout.

The Indians made a heroic effort to get within one run after falling behind by nine runs in the sixth inning and I understand that part of the credit must go to Wedge: it takes a certain attitude not to quit after your pitching staff absolutely implodes so late in a game and that attitude begins with Wedge. But still — the little mistakes he makes are tiring. He always seems to slow to an action (pulling Cabrera) or too fast to the wrong action (pinch hitting Nixon). Maybe when he turns 40 that’ll change.

fn 1: If it is everyday knowledge that there is free wifi at the Jake then I apologize. Living in Chicago means I’m not always on the up-and-up with wireless communication at Cleveland stadiums news.

fn 2: While I write this ESPN2’s Cold Pizza is on and Skip Bayless and some woman are discussing the popularity of Victoria Beckham, arguing that she’s the perfect example of a celebrity who is famous for being famous (I guess ignoring the comet-like success of the Spice Girls). It’s hard to tell but they seem to be making the same argument for David Beckham. Skip is going so far as to say that David Beckham would be nothing — in terms of popularity — without Victoria, which I suppose makes the Beckhams the world’s first mutually-reinforcing celebrity couple composed of two people who are not themselves celebrities for any reason other than being celebrities. True, 6 billion people who follow soccer religiously would disagree, as would fans of a certain eponymous movie. But that’s not what I want to point out.

What I want to point out is the sheer audacity it takes to criticize someone for being famous simply for being famous while espousing that opinion on a low-rated morning sports program where your professional clout is determined largely by your ability to be the louder blowhard. There is some sort of petty negative feedback loop going on here that I’m having difficult articulating. (#) I think Cold Pizza is making me dumber.

fn #: Which is more pathetic: being famous for being famous or being famous for being a loudass? I say the latter and the margin is not even close. Of course, if Bayless ever turned his nuanced eye towards this fact, his head would most certainly explode, for the only way to point out the patheticness of his television existence would be in the form of being a loudass, which would reinforce the ridiculousness of his famousness, which would require another loudass response on his part, which would reinforce the ridiculousness of his famousness twice over, which would…. That’s what I mean by feedback loop.


2 Responses to “Wifi and Wedge”

  1. Will said

    How dare you ridicule Cold Pizza. The camera moves while they talk!

    Check out this post at WoW (, particularly the last bit about Barnes. Can you imagine how much more improved the Cavs would be with him coming off the bench instead of Pavlovic/Jones/Whoever? And so cheap. He is essentially the opposite of Bibby.

  2. The line about the camera moving while they talk is superb. Kudos.

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