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And…we’re back!

Posted by disappointmentzone on 2 July 2007

Who’d have thought that graduating, moving, and searching for a job would be so time consuming. Add to that the pathetic effort by the Cavs in the NBA Finals and you have your reason why the Disappointment Zone has been on a hiatus as of late. But fear not, it’s back.

In case you haven’t heard — the story has not been posted to the main sports page of — LeCharles Bentley is planning on showing up for training camp later this month and he even has his eyes set on playing this season. This is the same Bentley who injured himself on the first play of training camp last season, and injury that almost led to both his leg being amputated and, far more scary, to his death. Now all he wants to do is play football for the Browns.

It’s far too early to speculate on the impact this could have on the team — the guy almost died — but should Bentley return to within 90% of his former playing abilities the Browns suddenly have a formidable offensive line. Additionally, the Browns would have useful pieces for trade bait, but if you ask me you can never have too many quality offensive linemen. Because one can always get hurt on the first play of training camp. That should be a lesson the Browns have learned, yes?

Cavs thoughts to come…


5 Responses to “And…we’re back!”

  1. Robin said

    Thank god your back!! Love reading your blog……I inherited the Cleveland Sports Gene! turned my dad on to your blog and he loves reading it as well……
    Keep up the good work!!! GO TRIBE!!

  2. Robin said

    I realized that I submitted my comment with some very poor grammar!! Thank God YOU’RE back! Maybe I should go back to school!

  3. Haze said

    I think he’s dead.

  4. Dee said


    Glad to see you back in stride. I like the design change. Looks good!

  5. Thanks Robin and Dee.

    Not dead, Haze. Not yet.

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