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Hughes Benched! Gibson Starting!

Posted by disappointmentzone on 12 June 2007

From the PD, filed just a short while ago:

Cavaliers point guard Larry Hughes indicated this morning that he would not start in tonight’s Game 3 because the pain in his injured left heel has increased, a move that presumably opens the door for rookie Daniel Gibson to slide into the starting rotation.

That’s quite some learning curve for Mr. Brown, who still isn’t ruling out starting Hughes. But no matter. Let’s celebrate the fact that Mike Brown has joined the rest of us.


10 Responses to “Hughes Benched! Gibson Starting!”

  1. Dee said

    I had heard Hughes was not going to be starting tonight. I also heard it was up in the air as to which guard (the veteran Snow, or the rookie Gibson)would take his place if he sits out.

    We could really use an offensive push early on, so I hope he plans to start Gibson. If he does…I’ll join in on the celebration:)

  2. The word seems to be that Gibson will get the nod, which is the right choice.

  3. Erik said

    If Gibson starts, everybody in that starting lineup had better be prepared to score 20 points and play 44 minutes because there will be absolutely no scoring coming off the bench.

  4. There is no virtue to bench scoring in this case. It does not matter where the scoring comes from so long as there is scoring. That said, if starting Boobie kills the bench then the bench has no hope anyway. What matters is that the most productive players get the most minutes.

  5. Will said

    Fantastic, our odds have improved. What a convenient injury, since now the Cavs can start a $400,000 rookie over a $60 million veteran. I think it’s all too likely that Ferry/Gilbert have been guiding Brown’s hand to try to get something out of their investment.

  6. Should the Cavs win I might have to do a post about the money spent on the victory, assuming Gibson plays far more minutes that Hughes. With Z and Hughes having a terrible series it’s almost laughable how inefficient–financially speaking–this team has been. We must be talking New York Yankees proportions, right?

  7. Haze said

    Fuck Cleveland!


  8. Haze said

    Dear sweet God. “Wild Thing” Varasi-whatever? “WILD THING” VAUHN?? And posted that BEFORE I saw the game! And LeBron wore a Yankee cap…

  9. Haze said


  10. Haze said

    (:The hint of atoms moving franticly over an oiled surface of H20:)



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