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Dear Mike Brown…

Posted by disappointmentzone on 11 June 2007

Dear Mike Brown,

Get your head out of your ass and play your best players. That means Daniel Gibson and not Larry Hughes. How many more quality games from Gibson will it take before you realize he’s a better option than Hughes? How many more terrible games from Hughes will it take before you realize he’s not good? For heaven’s sake, Hughes is injured, too. Forcing him to play is just plain evil, to both Hughes and us Cavs fans.

We’ve been waiting so long, Mike Brown. The Cavs are in the finals for the first time in team history and what do we have to show for it? Two semi-comebacks. You are ruining the team’s chances of winning by routinely failing to put on the court the players most likely to help the team win. You never made any football-coach-esque proclamations about how “the best players will play” so maybe we shouldn’t hold this against you. But isn’t it just assumed that you’ll do what you can to ensure that your team will win? Isn’t it written into the contract you signed, or is it so blatantly evident that it goes without saying? How can you keep failing to make the smallest and most obvious changes? Us Cavs fans just do not understand.

Mike Brown, I’m not sure if a player playing extremely well has ever killed a coach before, but that’s where you are with Daniel Gibson. He’s playing so well and you are handling it so poorly that you have to wonder it’s possible that every basket Gibson makes is one more nail in your coffin. Such is your coaching that the success of one of your players serves to shine light on your failures as a coach. It really defies the laws of reason. You are a rebuff to the nature order of things, Mike Brown, and you are killing the team.

Please get your head out of your ass. It’s quite unseemly, you blight.


Cleveland Cavaliers fans


3 Responses to “Dear Mike Brown…”

  1. Erik said

    Mike Brown needs to bench Hughes because of that foot, but I refuse to blame Brown for both losses because he didn’t play the right players.

    Gibson could have played 48 minutes in both games and the Cavs would still be down 0-2 because the Cavs, as a team, have played like shit for the first three quarters of both games.

    Brown is responsible for who plays. But his coaching isn’t the reason for the constant mental breakdowns, the failing to box out at both ends of the floor, the turnovers, the lack of hustle and basically playing like a team that wet its collective pants when they finally sat down and realized that they’re in the NBA-freaking-Finals.

    All the Hooisers speeches in the world won’t cure that. It’s simple really: In order for the Cavs to win, they need to re-grow some man organs and start playing like the team they were against Detroit. That’s on the players, in my opinion.

  2. The issue is not whether the Cavs won or not, it’s whether Mike Brown gave the team its best chance at winning. In my opinion he didn’t. That’s a problem. It’s his job as coach to do whatever he can to make sure the Cavs win. When he plays a player who isn’t all that good to begin with and who happens to be injured — when there is a clear, better alternative — that’s on Brown. It is inexcusable. It is antithetical to his role as a coach.

    The Cavs playing like crap is on Brown to an extent–or else why have a coach in the first place if a team’s performance is not the result of coaching?

    The Cavs have looked shell-shocked and indifferent to the Finals, which is a pretty remarkable combo. Some of that is on Brown, but I agree that a lot of it is on the players.

    I think returning to Cleveland down 0-2 will infuse them with the focus they need to win a game.

  3. Ben said

    coaches put their players in positions to succeed. Brown making Hughes guard Parker is not putting Hughes in position to succeed.

    The end.

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