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Welcome, Beau Mills

Posted by disappointmentzone on 7 June 2007

On Thursday afternoon the Indians drafted Beau Mills with the no. 13 pick in the First-Year Player Draft. (1) Mills is a LH power-hitting infielder who has spent time at 3B but will probably end up as a 1B due to limited arm strength stemming from shoulder problems. He is 20 years old and hails from Lewis-Clark State. This past season he had staggeringly impressive numbers: .458/.556/1.033, with 38 homers, 22 doubles, 123 RBI, 43 walks, and 22 strikeouts in 240 at-bats. (2)

John Sickles at has this to say about Mills:

With a  relative shortage of top college hitters this year, Beau Mills stands out…Scouts are certain that Mills’ power is for real and that he’ll continue to hit for plus power at higher levels. He’s got solid plate discipline. There’s some doubt about what his batting average is going to look like, but he should post a solid OBP no matter what to go with his power.

My best guess is that Mills will report to Lake County (A ball) once he’s signed and could end up playing in Kinston (High A) in late 2007. There is a very small chance that he could get to Akron (AA) in 2007, but with the logjam of 1B/OF prospects in the farm system right now I highly doubt Mills would progress through the system that quickly. AAA is not a possibility this season, although next year AAA is not out of the question, possibly with a September call-up should things go amazingly well (though not likely). He’s an experienced player who will turn 21 this summer so keeping him buried might not be a great strategy, especially with the looming free agency of some other LH hitter.

1: Such a Southern name. He ought to report to his first stint in the minor leagues wearing seersucker and a straw hat.

2: So he has a name that makes him sound like a good old boy, is a LH masher, plays 1B…He certainly fits into the Thome/Pronk mold.


14 Responses to “Welcome, Beau Mills”

  1. Pat B in Copley said

    I moved from Visalia, Beau’s hometown, in 2000, saw this kid play a bit. He always had a very mature presence on the field.
    You would know by watching him, he was destined for the Big League. He dated a friend’s daughter and met him at some holiday functions. Always very polite, you could tell he has great parents.

    I was talking to a big Sox fan at O’Haire (airport in Chicago) yesteday, when I found out the Tribe had picked him. Sox fan was not happy that they did not get Beau.

    It will be interesting to see how he progresses.

  2. Thanks Pat. It’s always a bonus to get a good person in addition to a good ballplayer. I’m sure us Indians fan will be following Mills closely in the upcoming years.

  3. Jay said

    Needless to say, Beau is a great guy beyond Baseball. He will carry those around him through difficult times when given the chance. I only wish he was playing on the West Coast. Enjoy him in Cleveland.

  4. Wowey said

    I recently attended a Scrappers game where Beau was very combative with the fans that were heckling him… He even walked out of the club house and threw his hands up as if he was going to fight… Way to be the million dollar man there son

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  6. CoachCraig said

    I had the pleasure of watching Mr. Beau play in Kinston a couple of weeks ago. I am sure that this was his first game in Kinston. His first at bat was a monstorous HR hit over the center field fence. The next at bat resulted in a double that lacked on foot from clearing the wall. I was very impressed. My seven year old son shares the name Beau with Mr. Mills. All he wated was to get get his autograph at the end of the game. He approched Mr. Mills and he was more than happy to sign his baseball. Very friendly guy with a talented bat.

  7. Pat B in Copley said

    We have been watching Beau’s stats, my guess he will be in Akron next year. What a wonderfull ball park. Waiting to see if he makes the roster, then will buy (4) season tickets. Looking forward to the Tribe in the playoffs. We placed a deposit for next year season tickets. I truly believe Beau will be there some day. I had the gut feeling the first time I saw this kid (now a man) play, he has what it takes to be in the “Big”.
    What a great pick for the Tribe!

  8. Haze said

    I think pickign witch prospects will have an immediate impact and when is half the fun of Tribe games. I think its that kind of thing that makes baseball more appealing to me than, say, basketball. I guess football is like this as well, but thanks to the Browns…

  9. Spartacus said

    “I recently attended a Scrappers game where Beau was very combative with the fans that were heckling him… He even walked out of the club house and threw his hands up as if he was going to fight…”

    He did that? Good for him. He’s a scrapper, all right. I’m liking this guy more and more all the time. He’ll be a big star for the Tribe, and take up where Hafner leaves off. We sure could’ve used some of his attitude in the ALCS.

  10. Ken D said

    If you look him up on the internet, you will find that he originally played two years at Fresno State but left when he got suspended for academic trouble and team code-of-conduct violations. Hopefully, its not a sign of more serious issues.

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  13. Jason W. said

    I pitched against this guy when he was at LCSC. He flew out to left field off of me = ) Still, a very talented hitter as you can see.

  14. Pat B in Copley said

    Hey Look,

    It looks like Beau will be in Akron next year, Can’t wait to see him. Says he as invited to spring training because of his contract? OK, so is he going from Kingston to Buffalo?

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