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Unusual times

Posted by disappointmentzone on 2 June 2007

Suddenly the 2007 Indians look like the 1995 Indians. Late inning rallies, dominating games at home, prodigious offense, solid starting pitching, actual fans at the Jake. The only thing missing is Drew Carrey.

And the 2007 Cavs look like…well…no other Cavs team, really. The Cavs have never made it to an elimination game where they could win in the Eastern Conference Finals. The Cavs have never had a player remotely close to LeBron James. So the Cavs are walking in new territory here.

What’s a blog named The Disappointment Zone to do? We are contemplating a name change. If you have suggestions just put them in the comments. The times are changing.


4 Responses to “Unusual times”

  1. Haze said

    Not until after the playoffs.

  2. Haze said

    To all those haters out there…



  3. Word.

  4. Ryan A said

    Is this cool or what guys! I wish you were here right now Joel. I had a ten minute conversation with a random stranger at the grocery store because he correctly assumed that my CSU basketball shirt also meant that I liked the Cavs. I’ve never seen so many smiles and handshakes from strangers. This is still Cleveland and I’m not getting ahead of myself heading into the finals, but at the absolute least, this past week has been amazing.

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