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Daequan Cook stays in draft, unless hurt

Posted by disappointmentzone on 31 May 2007 is reporting that Daequan Cook will stay in the NBA draft but will wait to sign with an agent. The only way he will drop out of the draft is if he is injured in the next two weeks, the article reports.

So you know what that means, OSU faithful.

I suggest breaking his right leg. Not a serious break, mind you. Just enough to warrant a cast up to his knee and the occasional use of a wheel chair. If you damage his left leg then you run into the prospect of losing a little spring in his jump. You damage the right leg and you probably just lose a little quickness, at least at first. But it’s early in the summer (or will be in a day) and he’ll be more than healed by the time practice rolls around. In the meantime, no NBA GM in his right mind would consider wasting a pick on him, especially in draft as deep as this one. This forces him to stay in school, where he belongs, lest he turn into an Omar Cook-type player.

Send your warm wishes and goodbyes. One of our sons is going to the NBA!


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