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Nothing new here

Posted by disappointmentzone on 26 May 2007

I happen to be a fan of Mike Brown. I think he has worked wonders to get this team to play such good defense so quickly after arriving in Cleveland. We should not forget how horrible the team was in this capacity in the seasons before Brown arrived. Now the Cavs are one of the top defensive teams in the league. With LBJ in tow the Cavs should always have a chance to win provided they play good defense. In the Mike Brown Era, that happens more often than not and the last two games against Detroit are perfect examples. Keeping the Pistons to 79 points in two consecutive games is something to hang your hat on. Both games could have been won.

That said, the mark of a good coach is how well one adjusts. Steadfast resoluteness is more often a flaw than a virtue. What we are witnessing against the Pistons is not a new set of problems. The crappy offense and terrible third quarters have been blatant issues the entire season. Allow me to dip into the archive for examples:

The dreaded third quarter

I’ve figured it out


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