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Posted by disappointmentzone on 10 April 2007

More and more the Browns seem to be leaning towards drafting Brady Quinn in the upcoming NFL Draft. A few weeks ago I wrote about how drafting Quinn could be a very wise move — provided that the Browns drafted Quinn after trading down to the 8-10 range while picking up other draft picks in the process. Now it appears the Browns will be drafting Quinn with the third pick, and there’s even talk of (gulp) trading UP to draft Russell, which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Don Banks is the latest NFL reporter to suggest the Browns will be drafting Quinn, and now he can join the hoard of just about every other NFL mock draft maker working for a respectable publication who thinks the Browns are taking Quinn (at least Banks has Thomas going to Detroit). I’m not sure what drafting Quinn will accomplish other than a series of raging fires started by upset Browns fans across Northeast Ohio. My hope, of course, is that drafting Quinn is the first thrust forward in propelling the team into the Super Bowl and Quinn into the Hall of Fame. Yet I remain skeptical that a Super Bowl berth is in the near future for the Browns. For starters, there is the offensive line. If only there was a stud left tackle available, one who could improve both the running game and the passing game. The type of player who could anchor an offensive line for years to come. The type of player who could benefit from playing alongside Eric Steinbach. You know, someone like Wisconsin left tackle Joe Thomas. If only the Browns could draft Joe Thomas…

But that’s just wishful thinking. The Browns are drafting Quinn. I’m sure he’ll enjoy playing with the current offensive line of the Browns. They sure are great at providing a helping hand after their quarterback takes viscous hit after viscous hit. By far the best helping-hands in the league. The Irish Wonder and the Helping Hands. Sounds like the name of a terrible 1950s doo wop group. It also sounds like the name of a terrible offense playing an extended set over 16 weeks along the shores of Lake Erie in 2007.


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9 Responses to “Quinn!”

  1. Ben said

    I agree.

    Drafting Quinn at 7 or 8 and drafting linemen later = good

    Drafting Quinn at 3 (and possibly passing on Thomas) = awful

    Trading up for Russell (or Quinn) = fires started

  2. […] they won last night and CC is 2-0), Browns fans (self link alert!) are waiting for the Browns to screw up the draft and Cavs fans have resigned themselves to the 5th […]

  3. I think we are looking at awful with a fair chance of fires started.

  4. Erik said

    The first five games of their schedule is like tossing a Molotov cocktail on the 2007 draft class before they even take the field.

    I’m going to put the over-under on when the Browns cut Brady Quinn at June 2010. By then, they’ll have a new coach, new GM and possibly a new owner, and Quinn will be in psychotherapy because he’ll see Ray Lewis about to kill him every time he closes his eyes.

    You think I’m dabbling in hyperbole? I’m not.

  5. josh said

    My money is still on them taking Joe Thomas.

  6. The only good thing about those first five games is that the four division games are all at home. But you’re right–the schedule is pretty brutal, especially after how terrible the Browns were last season. The Browns were the 3rd/4th worst team, but I doubt this is the 3rd/4th easiest schedule.

    At least we aren’t playing the schedule the Colts are. That’s one tough run after their bye week.

  7. Anonymous said

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