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The Cleveland Indians of Milwaukee

Posted by disappointmentzone on 9 April 2007

What with all the snow and cold temperatures — the inclement weather that caused the opening series against Seattle to be postponed indefinitely — Major League Baseball has decided to move the next series, against the Los Angeles Angels of Some Other City, from Cleveland to Milwaukee.

Of course, I decided to fly back to Cleveland from Chicago on Wednesday evening so that I could catch the game that night and then on Thursday afternoon. Looks like I could have just stayed in Chicago and driven the 90 miles to Milwaukee to watch what will certainly be one of the stranger series this season. Excellent.

Major League Baseball under Bud Selig — Gotta Love It!


6 Responses to “The Cleveland Indians of Milwaukee”

  1. Haze said

    The Indians playing in Milwaukee, huh? Sounds vaguely ironic. Is Wild Thing our starting pitcher?

  2. Erik said

    Fausto Carmona on about 16 days’ rest should be able to do a reasonably good impersonation.

    So if the bullpen blows up in this series, or the offense suddenly goes limp, what is the excuse? They were rusty?

  3. Top Dawg said

    It’s pretty odd that we go to Milwaukee of all places, but hey…the game’s have to be played one way or another.

    It just sucks to all of those who have tickets and won’t be able to go. It’s that time of year where people take their kids to the games for spring break, and if they can’t do it now, there won’t be a lot of other chances to make it up…

  4. Erik said

    Anybody else find it Cleveland-perfect that today (Tuesday) it’s been sunny and 50? It will probably be sunny and 50 here the entire time the Indians are in Milwaukee, then Friday, it will go back to being 35 and freezing rain.

    If this weekend’s series against the White Sox gets rained out, Borowski and Hernandez might just follow Keith Foulke into retirement.

  5. Brett said

    Kind of ironic that there are parts of Wisconin that are scheduled to get snow Wednesday and Thursday. There was a winter storm advisory today too. That sucks that Cleveland fans cannot see their team. I am goint tomorrow to cheer on Grady and the boys.

  6. Brilliant!

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