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Switch pitcher

Posted by disappointmentzone on 7 April 2007

The NYT ran an interesting story today about a relief pitcher at Creighton Univesity who throws with both arms, oftentimes during the same game. The pitcher, Pat Venditte, has a custom-made glove that fits either hand, allowing him to pitch as a righty or a lefty depending on who’s batting. Since he uses both arms he can go for longer stretches because neither arm ever gets particularly tired. Due to his versatility Venditte has been the focus of some interest from MLB scouts, but he is leaning towards going back to school for his senior season before declaring for the draft.

We all know Wedge is a fan of platoons — I am too — and so I wonder what he’d think of the first-ever one-man platooning pitcher.

One Response to “Switch pitcher”

  1. Erik said

    Actually, it’s happened before. Greg Harris was the last major-leaguer to throw with both arms in the same game when it did it in 1995 for the Expos.

    There were also, I beleve, a few pitchers who did it in the 19th Century when the pitcher’s box was closer to home plate. But I don’t think anybody has made a career of it yet.

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