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Trent Green in Brown and Orange?

Posted by disappointmentzone on 29 March 2007

As I mentioned a few days ago in my post about the Phil Savage interview that the Plain Dealer published, what you hear from Savage regarding the upcoming draft can never be taken at face value. In the PD article Tony Grossi wrote:

The Browns general manager flatly stated on Monday the team is not interested in adding an experienced quarterback to the roster. But he did not rule out drafting a quarterback – in later rounds, if not the first.

So you can forget about Trent Green, David Carr, Daunte Culpepper, Anthony Wright or any other veteran quarterback coming to Cleveland.

You heard it there first, folks. Straight from the mouthpiece for the horse’s mouth. The Browns are not interested in adding an experienced quarterback to the roster. You can forget about Trent Green coming to Cleveland. Savage’s position on this matter is unequivocal. It’s Frye, Anderson, or a rookie QB to be named later.

With that in mind you should probably ignore this article from today’s Sun Sentinel, titled “Brows reportedly courting Chiefs QB Green.”

Chiefs President/General Manager Carl Peterson told the Kansas City Star on Wednesday that he was approached by the Cleveland Browns about potentially acquiring Green, who is on the trading block.

“We agreed to talk some more later this week or the first of next week,” Peterson said. “[Savage] said he wants to talk some more with his head coach and offensive coordinator. But he did ask whether this thing was over with. [DZ: “this thing” is Green being dealt to the Dolphins.] I said, ‘No, not at all.'”

Perhaps Savage changed his mind between Monday and Wednesday, going from Absolutely No Experienced Quarterbacks to Hey, Trent! More likely, though, this is just another example of how you cannot believe anything any general manager says ever.

Which raises the conundrum: If you can’t believe anything a general manager says, then what are you to make of the Chiefs’ general manager saying the Browns are interested in Trent Green?

Perhaps the rule should be: You can’t believe anything a general manager says ever about what he’s going to do in the NFL draft.

Thanks to Rebuilding Year for the heads up.


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3 Responses to “Trent Green in Brown and Orange?”

  1. Erik said

    The secret is out. Whatever Phil Savage says, he means exactly the opposite.

    If he doesn’t, it means he does. If he hates, it means he loves. If he isn’t interested, it means he has a poster of JaMarcus Russell hung over his bed so it’s the first thing he sees when he wakes up in the morning.

    I think Savage’s approach is infinitely more exciting than those of Mark Shapiro and Danny Ferry, the masters of the ambiguous, noncommittal comment.

  2. I agree with Erik. At this point, I’m so sick of guessing what will happen (though I can’t stop) at the draft next month. At this point I’m pretty much resigning to the fact that I’m just hoping we dont trade up and give up picks. Way to set my goals high…

  3. Seriously. Seriously

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