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$1.5M reasons why Bentley is staying

Posted by disappointmentzone on 28 March 2007

The string of sources that has brought this rumor/unconfirmed report to my attention is long, but it appears that the Browns have paid injured center LeCharles Bentley a $1.5 million option bonus. This is the same Bentley who will undergo more surgery later this year for the ruptured patellar tendon he suffered on the first play of camp last summer, causing him to miss last season. The second surgery means Bentley will miss the 2007 season as well, and the injury is serious enough that Bentley might never play again. So the team is paying him $1.5 million on the hope that his catastrophic knee injury is somehow fixable to the point that Bentley will be worth his $36 million contract, or at least the $12.5 million that is guaranteed. Nothing is more critical to linemen than knees, so at least Bentley’s injury wasn’t a knee injury. Oh wait. It was.

I believe the phrase for this is throwing good money after bad.

Anyway, so everyone gets their props, the Bentley story (from what I can tell) was broken by Adam Schefter of the NFL Network, picked up by, noted by and The Browns Locker, and then came to me through


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