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Oden: go to the pros; I know why OSU won

Posted by disappointmentzone on 23 March 2007

After watching the Tennessee game (more on this below) one thing became clear: the refs in college basketball are not prepared to deal with Greg Oden. Too often Oden finds himself on the bench for infractions that, were he 50 pounds lighter and six inches shorter, would not be infractions at all but something more along the line of incidental contact. But it’s not just that. When Oden posts up he is fouled about 66% of the time. When he gets the ball and is double teamed he’s fouled about 66% of the time. When he shoots the ball he’s fouled about 66% of the time. But the refs only blow their whistles about 20% of the time. The refs are prohibiting Oden from playing basketball in college so he ought to just go to the pros.

Now, I’m not one to take credit. I like to think of myself as more humble than that. But I think it’s worth letting everyone know that the reason OSU won tonight was that I stopped watching the game at halftime. Here’s how it went: I watched the entire first half, which was a downward spiral from moments after the tipoff. Angered and frustrated, I turned the game off at halftime and switched over to the Colbert Report. During commercial breaks I allowed myself to check out the score of the game, and the first time I flipped over lo! the Buckeyes had cut the lead to 9. Shocked, I started watching the game, only to see Chris Loften hit a three pointer about 20 seconds later. So I quickly switched back to Comedy Central, knowing that my watching the game was enabling Tennessee. A few minutes later I switched back and the Buckeyes were even closer (about four points). I stayed with the game for about two minutes before Tennessee started to pull away once again, at which point I switched the channel, 85% sure that I was somehow dictating the outcome of the game by not watching it. The last time I switched back to the game Terwilliger was on the free throw line putting the Buckeyes up by one. At this point I was faced with a tough decision. Do I stay with the game now that the Buckeyes have the lead or do I switch back knowing that by watching the game Chris Loften is about 16x more likely to make another three pointer while two defenders are thrusting their arms in his face? Since I’m a rational thinker, I analyzed the situation and came to the only logical conclusion: since I was watching the game when OSU got its first lead since three minutes into the game clearly there was some reverse-jinx action going on. Somehow the mojo got switched and now I was the reason OSU was winning. So I stuck it out for the final five minutes of regulation and the rest is history.

No need to thank me now. Let’s just relish the second consecutive luckyasswin for the Buckeyes in this stomach-churning tourney.


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