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Because staph infections are so Cleveland Browns

Posted by disappointmentzone on 11 March 2007

CC Sabathia Cliff Lee was scratched from his scheduled throwing session today due to a lingering abdominal strain. He will start the season on the disabled list and is expected to miss at least few starts while he recovers. He won’t throw any pitches for 7 to 10 days, and it is possible that he’ll be out of action for six weeks.

This marks about the fourteenth straight season a starting pitcher has pulled an abdominal muscle during spring training, forcing him to miss the beginning of the season. Usually it is Sabathia suffering on the DL and usually the blame is targeted at his weight. But now you kind of have to wonder just what it is that goes on in Winter Haven among the starting pitchers. Perhaps they are spending their free time throwing overweight discusses across the manicured grass of the outfield.


5 Responses to “Because staph infections are so Cleveland Browns”

  1. Erik said

    It’s not just the Indians. Pitchers pull things and tear things all over baseball because they are pitchers.

    No one has ever done a study to my knowledge, but I’d like to see the percentage of pitchers who suffer time-consuming injuries over the course of a season compared to other often-injured athletes, such as football linemen.

    My guess is that if pitchers aren’t the most-injured players in sports, they are up there. It’s because pitching requires you to put repetitive, high-level strain on so many different muscle groups. You can work on your arm, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t going to yank a side muscle, or a stomach muscle, or as infamously happened to Paul Shuey, tear your hip labrum.

    That’s why it’s true that you can never have enough pitching. Sooner or later, every team has to dip into the reserves. It’s just a fact of life in baseball.

    If Lee’s tummyache is the worst thing that happens to the Indians pitching staff all year, they will be doing great.

  2. Jon said

    I second that.

    I’m trying to reserve judgement but my overall feeling of the bullpen is just more of the same. borowski (should he be the closer) is guaranteed to blowing at least 5 saves. his career numbers indicate its inevitability. but still, thats not even close to last years total.

  3. Haze said

    Its amazing that pitchers aren’t injured more frequently when you consider that many if not most major league pitchers have at one point dislocated their pitching shoulder to achieve maximum velocity. This is why you so see so many pitchers and disk throwers with one arm slightly longer than the other. The same concept applies to martial arts.

    Whatever. Like Peralta, Lee got his contract and then his numbers started to swerve downward. I’d rather see Carmona in there only because you know he’s playing for millions of dollars. He has great movement, good armpower and he has a fro. I love Cleveland. Glad I’m not there, though.

  4. Erik said

    I don’t think it was the contract, like Peralta. If you look at Lee’s numbers, he was pretty good in innings one through five. For whatever reason, he hit the wall in the sixth or seventh inning.

    Maybe it’s a conditioning issue, but no one noticed because everyone was always so hung up on how fat C.C. and Wick were (are).

  5. Top Dawg said

    It’s tough to think how offseason/preseason injuries tend to screw the Cleveland area no matter what the sport, but hey…that’s Cleveland I guess…

    I agree though that with pitchers, things like this could be expected.

    On another note, sorry I haven’t stopped by here lately, everything’s still looking great :) Keep up the good work!

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