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Larry Hughes is a great basketball player

Posted by disappointmentzone on 5 March 2007

When Larry Hughes goes 11-17 from the field (3-4 from three-point range) for 27 points, as he did against Toronto on Saturday, he is a great basketball player.

Also, 40.5% of the time his shots go in 100% of the time.


4 Responses to “Larry Hughes is a great basketball player”

  1. Erik said

    Didn’t Hughes break into the league as a point guard, but everyone thought he was too selfish so they turned him into a two-guard?

    Maybe all along, he was an awesome point guard masquerading as a crappy two-guard. Maybe he was a trans-guard-sexual who finally had the operation and is now comfortable in his own skin.

    Maybe they’ll make a special on him for the Oxygen channel: “The Secret Lives of Shooting Guards.”

    Of course, the instant he breaks another finger, the joy and wonder of this moment will be shattered, and we’ll all be back on the “Get Bibby at all costs” bandwagon.

  2. Haze said

    I’m telling you all, this team has been holding back. Look at the last few victories. Its even been hinted that “a certain playoff-contending team” has looked great all year in practice. I say Finals.

  3. I have tried to resist factoring in injuries when I’ve discussed Hughes’s skills as a basketball player. Even though you are making jokes Erik I think what you’re saying still rings true. We are one broken finger away from losing Hughes and with Hughes one broken finger seems much more likely than any other player on the roster. Him finding consistency with the team, getting into a rhythm, etc., are all hard to do when he misses so much time in the IR.

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