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Browns, draft Thomas! Steinbach agrees to sign with Browns

Posted by disappointmentzone on 2 March 2007

Just hours after I advocated for the Browns to trade down to and then select Brady Quinn — a position I was advocating because I didn’t think the Browns would be able to draft Joe Thomas seeing as how the Lions were going to draft him — Detroit goes and makes a huge trade, sending Dre’ Bly to Denver for Tatum Bell and George Foster, OT (and a fifth-round pick). Let me repeat: George Foster, offensive tackle. With Foster now anchoring the line with OT Jeff Backus the Lions are no longer in need of a tackle. Selecting, say, Brady Quinn or Calvin Johnson now seems much more likely. My money’s on the Lions drafting Quinn — could McMillan really draft another WR in the first round?

Either way, Thomas is now sitting there waiting for the Browns at #3. Excellent.

UPDATE: John Clayton on SportsCenter just reported that the Browns and OT Eric Steinbach have agreed to a seven year, $49 million deal with a reported $17 million guaranteed. Steinbach will officially become a free agent at midnight, at which point he can sign with the Browns. Steinbach can play both guard or tackle. He is easily the best free agent offensive lineman this off season.


6 Responses to “Browns, draft Thomas! Steinbach agrees to sign with Browns”

  1. dberri said

    Interesting that right after this move, media members were speculating that the Lions were going to trade Foster. My sense is that this story was put out by the Lions, who don’t want people to guess their draft strategy. Still, it looks to me that the Lions will pass on Thomas. Not sure, though, who they take instead.

  2. dberri said

    This is from Tom Kowalski, who covers the Lions at Kowalski thinks the trade for Foster does not change the Lions focus on Thomas.

    Here is all Kowalski said:

    Upon further review — Lions should draft Thomas
    After talking to people around the league and in Denver about tackle George Foster, it’s becoming clear that he’s not the long-term answer to Detroit’s right tackle problem. In fact, it looks like Foster might be here as insurance for Rex Tucker, not the other way around.

    And, according to sources, Foster doesn’t have the kind of motor and intensity that head coach Rod Marinelli is looking for. To me, that means Foster’s here on borrowed time.

    Having said that, I’m reverting back to what I said at the beginning — and what I should stick with throughout this entire process: The Lions should draft Joe Thomas with the second overall pick. Yes, they need defensive help, but Thomas is as close to a “sure thing” as it gets. If they get Thomas — and a No. 2 receiver — the offense is in great shape and then they can spend the rest of their efforts on the defense.

    Now, maybe Foster will snap out of it and become the type of player the Lions are looking for, but he spent four years in Denver and the Broncos were trying to dumping him. There’s got to be a reason for that.

  3. Well, I hope Thomas falls to the Browns. With McMillan still calling the shots anything is possible. Thanks for the update.

  4. Rick said

    Steinbach can hopefully get his chance and play left tackle with the Browns. Move Shaffer to right tackle where he’s more comfortable (was’t Vick’s backside tackle either in ATL), and let either Tucker or Butler battle it out at right guard.

    Please stay the course and draft Peterson. Though there are no guarantees to who will do what in the future, AP gives the Browns a weapon they havent seen since Jim Brown. Tackles are premium in the draft, but Cleveland needs AP. This is coming from a former college offensive linemen too! Thomas will be great, but Peterson has that chance to do something beyond that.

  5. Jon said

    we got steinbach!

    anyway, it looks as though both detroit and tampa are tipping their hand. the bucs with their “tried and failed” trade for jake plummer and the lions getting bell and a guard/tackle. who knows, Millen is a indeed an idiot though.

    tell me the lions arent going to draft ANOTHER reciever. oii..

  6. Rick: to play devil’s advocate, here’s what I’d say:

    Peterson is nice, but he’s not the best player in the draft (that’s probably Johnson) or the most fail-safe player (that’s probably Thomas). Peterson has a history of injuries and playing behind a make-shift OL is not going to help him much. Plus, there are bigger holes on the team than running back. A few years ago Rickie Williams was considered to be a RB with a chance to become something special. That didn’t turn out. Plus, the shelf life of RBs is pretty short and if the Broncos have proven anything, a great OL can make any RB look good.

    That said, I like Peterson.

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