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Two things

Posted by disappointmentzone on 23 February 2007

First: Tails never fails. What to do what that third pick (trade down or draft Joe Thomas!)…

Second: This item from today’s ABJ:

[Trading for Mike Bibby] proved too difficult to get done on short notice, and the Cavs, Kings, Suns and most other teams ended up doing nothing before the NBA’s 3 p.m. trade deadline.

Short notice?!?!

How long have the Cavs known that the biggest hole on the team was at point guard? At least since last year’s draft, if not much earlier (and I really hope the FO was aware of this problem earlier than last June). How long has it been known that the Kings were interested in trading Bibby? A few months, at least. Perhaps even as far back as this summer. How long have the Cavs know that the trading deadline was 3pm Feb 22? A very long time.

I’m not going to fault Ferry for not making the deal happen — from reports it sounds like the Kings were the holdup and Ferry offered everything but the kitchen sink and LBJ to land Bibby. But the “short notice” excuse for why the deal was too difficult to execute is ridiculous. Did everyone go into a coma in January and just wake up three days ago? Short notice, please. Next season, when the Cavs still don’t have a point guard, and the trading deadline passes and the team still doesn’t have a point guard, do you think it will be reported that “The trade for X proved to difficult to get done on such short notice”?


5 Responses to “Two things”

  1. Ben said

    I’m not sure the Kings were ready to trade Bibby until recently. Sure, there’s been talk all season (and recent talk with the Cavaliers).

    I took the short notice to mean the Kings were finally ready to deal AND they needed to find a third team to complete it.

  2. I agree Ben.

  3. Ben said

    Windhorst said that they may have laid the groundwork for a future deal. Who knows…

  4. If they couldn’t get Bibby now I’m not sure I’d want him this summer, at least not if it means opening up the entire roster again and paying Bibby the remainder of his salary with his current contract. I’ve yet to look into who might be a free agent this summer, but with an entire summer to work on a deal I’d like to see something a little more creative (whether or not that creativity is applied to a Bibby deal) than “take anyone from our roster not named LBJ.”

  5. Ben said

    Ya, Bibby is owed a shit load of money… I can’t imagine Hughes being here next season either. Something has to give…

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