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The play’s called ‘Tired From Running Motion’

Posted by disappointmentzone on 6 February 2007

Branson Wright in today’s PD reporting on LBJ’s views on the Cavs’ offense:

He wants no part of a predictable offensive pattern that calls for dribble, pass, pass, pass and shoot with the shot clock about to expire. James also is tired of holding the ball while his teammates stand like statues.

For those unfamiliar, the DZ broke down this play a couple of months ago.


3 Responses to “The play’s called ‘Tired From Running Motion’”

  1. Ryan A said

    Still makes me laugh.

  2. Thanks.

  3. Randall said

    Brilliant analysis, DZ. One of the oft overlooked shortcomings of this team is actually Lebron’s lack of ability to move without the ball. On this Cavs team, no one other than Varejao, Snow, and occasionally Gooden, moves well without the ball. But Lebron is far from blameless in this regard. My top ten player faults on the Cavs are as follows.

    1) Z’s inability to defend the pick and roll.
    2) Z’s inability to run the pick and roll. He can neither pick (he doesn’t hold the pick), nor roll (needs no explanation). Therefore, he cannot pick and roll. Kind of a major flaw for an offensive center.
    3) Z’s apparent unwillingess to pass out of the double team. The thing is, Z can pass pretty damn well when he wants to. He just doesn’t do it very often. Another major flaw for a supposedly “true” center. Passing from the post (high or low) IS part of the job description, big guy.
    4) In his defense, no one other than Varejoa EVER “flashes” the lane. Gooden used to do it, but since no one ever passed him the ball I think he gave up. Again, I’ll put this one on Lebron. Wing players must flash, then, “interior passing, Denny.” Chalk this one up to lack of coaching. High school ball was a joke for Lebron, and he hasn’t had a decent offensive coach in the NBA. Silas, many forget, was even worse than Brown — couldn’t even draw up a play. Plus, Lebron has always had the ball in his hands.
    5) Larry’s entire game. Well, not really. He does play pretty good D, and he knows how to get to rack when Z isn’t clogging the lane. And, presumably, he can run if we ever decide to play uptempo ball. He doesn’t shoot all that well. Who knows if that finger will ever heal to point where we’ll see significant improvement.
    6) Donyell’s inability to jump more than 5 times in any given season. It’s a problem.
    7) Eric Snow’s shooting. Now that he’s a backup, this is no longer the #1 flaw. Despite rumors to the contrary, he hasn’t completely lost the ability to penetrate. When he does, though, there is rarely a player in position to receive a pass.
    8) Varejao’s lack of outside shooting. You want to trade Drew Gooden for a point guard you say? Think again. Varejoa has no game outside of 6 feet. This wouldn’t be a problem if he were actually the second coming of Ben Wallace in his prime. But he’s not now, is he? But the Wallace analysis begs the question: maybe Varaejao could replace someone else in the starting lineup next year? Oh, that lineup could run alright! Which brings me to …
    9) Z’s inability to convert a three-point play. (Hint: it’s the first two that always seem to be a problem).
    10) Lebron’s willingness to launch ill-advised three’s.

    Just missed:

    Donyell’s D
    Damon’s D
    Drew’s supposed defensive lapses (I have never seen one myself, since Brown yanks him from the game so quickly, but I am willing to believe it happens)
    Drew’s defensive struggles against bigger forwards
    Lebron’s foul shooting

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