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I swear I am not responsible

Posted by disappointmentzone on 29 January 2007

I swear that I am not the person responsible for the I Detest Larry Hughes blog (thanks, Ben, for pointing this out). Seriously. It’s not me.

I don’t even detest Larry Hughes. Other than the fact that I rag on him for being overpaid (which is not his fault) and taking way too many jumpers (definitely his fault) and being a complete disappointment on the basketball court (again, his fault), I have no problems with Hughes. I hear he’s an upstading citizen with an acute and active social conscious. So no, I am not responsible for the I Detest Larry Hughes blog.

You know I’m telling the truth because I’ve already used up my “fire [guy]” blog quota, and it was for this guy. You know what, though? It worked.

So perhaps we can detest Larry Hughes right into a lopsided trade that benefits the Cavs while crippling another team, preferably the Pistons.


2 Responses to “I swear I am not responsible”

  1. Erik said

    How about Hughes for Chauncey Billups, Flip Murray, Flip Saunders and a 7-percent stake in General Motors?

  2. Sounds good provided that we can immediately roll the Flips into a deal that lands us, say, Ray Allen. The 7% stake we’ll keep, at least for the moment.

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