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Ryan A.’s reply to an unrelated note

Posted by disappointmentzone on 6 January 2007

This is burried in the comments section to the previous post, but it’s worth putting up front. The internal politics that lead to Willingham’s dismissal is a topic that deserves a more sutble hand than I’m willing to offer, but looking at the on-the-field results are telling. It’s also worth mentioning that everything Weis has done the past two seasons has been with Willingham’s recruits, much like when Roy Williams won the NCAAs with the players Matt Doherty recruited. Except Williams, you know, actually won something. Anyway. Thanks, Ryan. His words follow.

Let’s look at Ty Willinghan’s first two seasons in 02 and 03 compared to Charlie Weis’ first two years in 05 and 06.

2002 Ty Willingham

W Maryland (11-3, won Peach Bowl)
W Purdue (7-6, won Sun)
W Michigan (10-3, won Outback)
W Michigan State (4-8)
W Stanford (2-9)
W Pittsburgh (9-4, won Insight)
W Air Force (8-5, lost San Fransisco Bowl)
W Florida State (9-5, lost Sugar)
L Boston College (9-4, won Motor City)
W Navy (2-10)
W Rutgers (1-11)
L USC (11-2, won Orange)
L North Carolina St (11-3)

2003 Ty Willingham

W Washington St (10-3, won Holiday)
L Michigan (10-3, lost Rose)
L Michigan St (8-5, lost Alamo)
L Purdue (9-4, lost Capital One)
W Pittsburgh (8-5, lost Continental Tire)
L USC (12-1, won Rose/split national championship)
L Boston College (8-5, won San Fransisco Bowl)
W Navy (8-5, lost Houston Bowl)
W BYU (4-8)
W Stanford (2-9)
L Syracuse (6-6)

2005 Charlie Weis

W Pittsburgh (5-6)
W Michigan (7-5, Lost Alamo)
L Michigan State (5-6)
W Washington (2-9)
W Purdue (5-6)
L USC (12-1, lost Rose)
W BYU (6-6)
W Tennessee (5-6)
W Navy (8-4, won Poinsettia)
W Syracuse (1-10)
W Stanford (2-9)
L Ohio State (10-2)

2006 Charlie Weis

W Georgia Tech (9-5, lost Gator)
W Penn State (9-4, won Outback)
L Michigan (11-2, lost Rose)
W Michigan State (4-8)
W Purdue (8-6, lost Champs Sports)
W Stanford (2-9)
W UCLA (7-6, lost Emerald)
W Navy (9-4, lost Meineke)
W North Carolina (3-9)
W Air Force (4-8)
W Army (3-9)
L USC (11-2, won Rose)
L LSU (11-2)

Look at the comparisons. In Willingham’s first two years the opponent’s record was a combined 179-127 for a .585 winning percentage. For Weis, it is 159-144 for a .525 winning percentage.

Willingham faced 16 bowl teams, 9 of which won their bowl games. Weis faced 10 bowl teams, 3 of which won their bowls.

Willingham beat 9 Bowl teams; Maryland, Purdue, Michigan, Pitt, Air Force, Florida State (BCS), Washington State, Pitt (again), and Navy. Weis has defeated 7 Bowl teams; a 7-5 michigan team, Navy, Georgia Tech, Penn State, Purdue, UCLA, and Navy (again).

Also, Willingham defeated five teams that went on to WIN their bowl game, while Weis has only accomplished that feat twice.

It’s not Weis’ fault that Tennesse had their worst year in 20 years the year they played, or that michigan was down the year he beat them, or that MSU, Purdue and Air Force were all down from Willingham’s first two years, but the fact remains that Weis hasn’t defeated anybody of substance. His next big win will be his first. As of right now, his biggest wins are over the 7-5 michigan team and the near upset of USC.


7 Responses to “Ryan A.’s reply to an unrelated note”

  1. Jon said

    I pointed out some of these figures (i’m a stats junkie too) to a ND fan that I unfortunately have to work with. I asked him if his face hurt from getting smacked so hard by LSU and he just lost it on me. said florida was going to blow out OSU based on florida beating LSU. I said ok, sure thing. so I enthusiastically brought up how much of a pretty boy quinn is and how weis is really nothing but an attention whore ten gave him some of those numbers..his only comeback? Maurice Clarett and the NCAA basketall violations. Apparently, OSU is a cesspool of crime!

    I still cant stop laughing.

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