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Derek Anderson: QB Score: Week 16

Posted by disappointmentzone on 29 December 2006

I have waited long enough to post about Derek Anderson’s dismal performance against the Bucs last Sunday. On one hand I was pleased to see the Browns lose (Joe Thomas could be ours!) and as much as you can pin the loss on any one player Anderson deserves the nomination. On the other hand I had high hopes for Anderson. Sure, my hopes were mostly unfounded, but I figured that given the Browns’ recent history with quarterbacks we were due. It wasn’t so much Anderson driving my hopes so high — although watching him not look completely lost helped — as it was his timing. Certainly by now the Browns would have stumbled upon a slightly-below-average-to-average quarterback, so why not Anderson? It’s the rule of large numbers, right?


QB Score: -188
QB Score per play:  -6.27

Worst game of a Cleveland signal-caller this season. As his reward Anderson gets a bum shoulder and we get Ken Dorsey. I have no high hopes for Dorsey. He’s a known commodity. He’s not good. Which should make this week’s game a lot of fun.


2 Responses to “Derek Anderson: QB Score: Week 16”

  1. Jon said

    Kubiak declard that his team has had problems with the 3-4 defense this year and cited that it’s an advantage the browns will have.

    strange, we were thinking we would roll them last year when they hadnt won a game yet and look how that turned out.

    Im almost forseeing a blowout in favor of houston. seriously, kubiak is a good coach and I think hes got his team believing they can beat anybody, especially an obviously inferior opponent like the browns.

    I’ve decided I really, really want woodley. gaines adams second should woodley not be there (he wont be in the second round) Babin in FA wouldnt upset me either. what do you think the chances of us landing one of these guys is?

  2. I think the chances of landing either Gaines or Woodley are very high. Woodley would fit nicely into the defense. He’s the #1 guy the Browns should take for defense. I still would take Thomas ahead of him, though, since I think the offensive line is more pathetic and in need of serious help.

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