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Santa delivers early present

Posted by disappointmentzone on 24 December 2006

About a week ago when I was looking at the likely scenarios of how the NFL season would end I said that the Browns were looking at a draft pick anywhere between #4 and #9.

But then Santa delivered on Christmas Eve a combination of wins and loses I never figured likely let alone possible. First, the Texans beat the Colts to improve to 5-10. Never thought that would happen. That game went final just moments after the Browns dropped an embarrassing home game to then 3-11 Tampa Bay. With Tampa Bay at 4-11 entering the late afternoon slate of games — this was Santa’s second gift — suddenly the Arizona-San Francisco game took on new importance. If only Arizona could pull off the upset! Clearly swept up in the giving spirit, Santa gave the Browns one more gift: an Arizona win!

With one game to go the Browns are in the driver’s seat for the #3 pick in the 2007 draft. So long, picks #8 and #9. As I see it the worst the Browns can finish is with the #7 pick (that would happen with a win next week against the Texans and with Arizona, Washington, and Tampa Bay all losing). If the Browns lose next week — and this is more than probable if Ken Dorsey is the starter — the Browns will finish with an identical record as the Bucs (I have TB losing to Seattle) but would get the #3 pick with the tie breaker.

I have no idea who Detroit and Oakland will take in the draft. There are a lot of websites dedicated to making these sort of predictions. Google them if you are interested. All I know is that there will be a lot of talent at the top of the board: Brady Quinn, Calvin Johnson, Joe Thomas, Adrian Peterson, Gaines Adams, Alan Branch, Dwayne Jerrett, Ted Ginn, Marshawn Lynch, etc. No matter what happens with Detroit and Oakland there will be a slew of high-caliber players from which to chose. Or the Browns could trade down, which is even more likely with the #3 pick than it is with any lower pick (or so I think).

Anyway. Thanks, Santa.


11 Responses to “Santa delivers early present”

  1. josh said

    The way it was a few years ago, head to head was not a tiebreaker for draft selection. I think I recall the Dolphins beat the Browns and they had the same record at year’s end, but since strength of schedule was the tiebreaker, the Dolphins picked 2nd and the Browns 3rd (what a terrible draft year that was to be bad).

    I think they need to fire Romeo. Will the team really believe him next training camp when he says they will make the playoffs?

  2. The tie breaker is strength of schedule, which I think will give CLE the #3 pick.

    I’m conflicted on whether they ought to fire Romeo. On one hand I think the team needs consistency, which means keeping Romeo. Constantly bring in new coaches is not a good plan. On the other hand, Romeo has lost a bit (ha!) of credibility and it’s hard to imagine the Browns players rallying around him.

  3. Ben said

    Unless there’s some stud coach you really want, keep Romeo. It’s only been two years; ya, he hasn’t exactly shown a lot, but there were some injuries… right? Injuries I tell you!

    I still say you keep him, at least let him get 3 years to convert the team to a 3-4 defense.

    But if there’s some dynamite coach out there (a Larry Brown scenario) then do it.

  4. jon said

    joe thomas, its really that simple.

    I dont know. browns fans were guilty of getting swept up by many head coaching draft picks that were touted as “cant miss players” but found out quite quickly that it was all a li, it seems to be that way with romeo as well. We’re even getting hyped over coaches such as Grantham, who seems to be a good motivator and afiery guy but it just doesnt translate to the field. a defense not playing 4 quarters is the coaches and offense’s fault. Mel Tucker might be the only coach on the browns worthy of such a recognition.

    I dont know what phils problem is but the 2 drafts hes had have not impressed me and are light years away from what he put together in baltimore. Baltimores Dawan Landry is a safety out of georgia tech who is going to be a damn good player and I bet he wasnt on ours or many teams boards and is already starting…maybe those drafts really WERE All ozzie.

    then again..romeo isnt playing these picks either, maybe a handful of them have seen the field consistently. I’d REALLY like to see McMillan more and really dont know why we havent.

  5. Rick said

    I recognize several of the college names (not just the OSU names, either).

    Are any D-linemen or O-linemen?

    I’m liking what I saw from Wimbley, Jackson and Sean Jones on defense, but we haven’t heard as much from Andre Davis this year.

    I’d hate to draft another receiver this year, but we should probably get 1-2 more in the mid to lower rounds.

  6. Joe Thomas is a tackle (OL). Gaines Adams is a defensive end who used to be a WR. He’s incredibly quick. Alan Branch is an interior defensive lineman.

    I wouldn’t draft a receiver until round 5 or 6. The OL and DL need the most attention. Then RB or corner would be the next two areas that I would address.

    I’m not that down on Savage. It’s hard to judge a draft class after a year or two, but the 2006 class is looking pretty good so far.

  7. Rick said

    I agree on your points. Thanks for pointing out the OLs and DLs.

  8. Jon said

    You’re right, the 2006 class does look like a good one. I’m just going on the fact that the only player I saw extensively was Wimbley who is obviously better than last years rusher (McMillan) but when I got to see Jackson and Williams I was pretty excited about their potential .

    Anderson reminds me of holcomb. the guy with good pocket awareness and a gunslinger. I just cant help but sense another division among our fanbase about who should be under center. I’m still on Frye’s side.

  9. Dawg Pound said

    Christmas sucks for a Browns fan…bah freakin humbug!

    When it comes to the draft, I’m thinking the Browns are looking toward JT or Levi Brown. O Line is too glaring a need for them to put another back behind it.

    Also, just wanted to let you know that the Dawg Pound has a new forum now!

    Things are looking great here. Great job and thanks for all of your support!

  10. Thomas is clearly the top choice.

    The only way this doesn’t happen is if Oakland is over the traumatic Robert Gallery incident @ the #2 pick and takes Thomas. If this happens then I want either Peterson or Alan Branch.

  11. Branch would be a great pick because he’d slot nicely into the 3-4. I’m not completely sold on Peterson, at least not until we see him after the injury with the line in front of him it’s hard to imagine he’ll have much success. If the Browns could trade down a few spots and still get Peterson while picking up a pick that would allow them to get a decent player for the OL that would be ideal.

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