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Derek Anderson: QB Score: Week 15

Posted by disappointmentzone on 19 December 2006

This much is clear: Derek Anderson deserves to start next week against Tampa Bay and, barring something unimaginably horrid, he deserves to start the following week against the Texans as well.

Before Sunday’s game against the Ravens I argued that Anderson should start if only because it is necessary for the Browns to have as good of a grasp on what the team needs this off season as possible. That meant starting Anderson on those terms: to provide clarity for what the team needs to do with quarterbacks. This off season the issue is not whether to bring in another quarterback — Dorsey and two third-year players just aren’t going to cut it; someone will be signed — but what sort of quarterback to bring in. Do the Browns sign a young quarterback with upside, such as Chris Simms, to come in with a clear chance of winning the starting job? Or do the Browns sign a veteran quarterback to backup and help guide Frye and/or Anderson? Operating on this level meant that Anderson needed to be given a shot at showing what he can do on the off chance that he proved himself capable of being a starter. What the Browns should do this off season will shade everything that happens for the rest of the season, and Anderson should start next week for the same reason he started against Baltimore. But after Sunday’s game Anderson showed that he deserves to start against Tampa Bay. It’s not only about clarity anymore; now it’s about what’s fair. All things considered — on the road against the NFL’s best defense — Anderson played surprisingly well. He has earned the right to start the last two games.

QB Score: -29.
QB Score per play: -.78

Ben Roethlisberger (-163, -3.20) and Trent Green (-98, -2.97) are but two of the quarterbacks who posted significantly worse QB Scores against the Ravens than did Anderson. Only five times this season has an opposing quarterback posted an above average QB Score against the Ravens. The majority of quarterbacks play below average. The average QB Score per play against the Ravens defense is -.26. The Ravens defense is really good. Anderson’s numbers aren’t as bad as they may seem at first glance.


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