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Games 19 and 20

Posted by disappointmentzone on 13 December 2006

“Consistency,” Aldous Huxley wrote, “is contrary to nature, contrary to life. The only completely consistent people are dead.” Sounds about right, but don’t tell the Cavs. As if on a spirited mission to confuse everything Huxley wrote, the Cavs over the last two games once again displayed the unique ability to be both inconsistent and dead. Against Indiana the Cavs played as well as I would imagine they are capable of at this point in the season. Just a glance at the Disappointment Zone boxscore from that game confirms as much.


Varejao made the most of his first start of the season. Ilgauskas came to life and looked like the center he was three years ago, albeit in only 20 minutes. Marshall went nuts and for a few sustained moments recaptured his former self. Gibson looked like a matured lottery pick, his play belying both his age and his draft position. Snow was solid, which for Snow is excellent. Jones looked like a guy who was playing on the promise of his four-person bathtub being filled with his most sincere dreams. Even Unbreakable himself played well, tallying 24 minutes, eight points and zero injuries — a most-surprising line.

Then there was Monday’s game against the Hornets of NOOK, which sounds like the name of a terrible mob of furious insects from an equally terrible fantasy novel, the sort of which can be found for sale in grocery store checkout aisles. Needless to say, I’m liking the name. Probably a little too much.


The Cavs were fairly indifferent for most of the game and may as well have been dead during the fourth quarter. The Disappointment Zone boxscore for this game is almost a complete reversal of the previous game. Inconsistent and dead. Huxley can rot.


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