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Quick hits on the BCS; Florida; announcers; coaches

Posted by disappointmentzone on 5 December 2006

Florida is playing Ohio State in the [Brand] National Championship Game on January 8th. That din in the greater Midwest area is the collective sound of thousands of moans, coming primarily from Michigan.

As an OSU loyalist I must admit that I am disappointed that we won’t have a chance to beat Michigan once more. It’s not just that beating Michigan is great — because it is — and it’s not just that beating Michigan for the national championship would be spectacular — because it would — but I’m fairly certain that Michigan would have given OSU a better game than the game Florida will give OSU.

I don’t know if I’m a bigger fan of college football or the Ohio State Buckeyes football team, but the college football part of my personality would prefer that Ohio State play the second best team in the country because that part of me thinks that playing the second best team in the country would lead to a more entertaining game than playing Florida. The Ohio State Buckeyes side of me wants to see OSU win the national championship above all else, and Florida certainly makes that task easier than if the opponent were some other team. Of course, if OSU had to play Oberlin College for the national title I probably wouldn’t be as excited about the victory as I would be if OSU beat, say, Michigan for the national title, and not just because beating Michigan is always a good thing; but beacause beating a better team would make the victory that much sweeter.

It’s probably clear that I don’t think Florida is the second best team in the country. I don’t even think Florida is the first or second best team in the SEC. Right now LSU is the best team in the SEC. I do not envy Notre Dame, the team LSU is playing in the Sugar Bowl. 1994 was the last time the Golden Domers won a bowl game, if you can believe it. After the Sugar Bowl is over 1994 will still be the last time ND won a bowl game. That winless streak is going to continue in resounding fashion after LSU gets done with ND. LSU is anywhere from an eight-point favorite to a 10-point favorite over Notre Dame. Take LSU. I’m not going to say it’ll be a cake walk, but LSU is essentially playing a home game in New Orleans. This on top of the fact that it’s the first Sugar Bowl game in New Orleans since Katrina. Rooting for ND to beat LSU under these circumstances is, well…Let’s put it this way: no fan indifferent to the teams before the game will be cheering for ND during the game. LSU will be riding superior talent and an emotional high. Notre Dame will be riding a studly quarterback, no defense, and Charlie Weis, who can barely manage to support himself in a vertical position let alone a football team. I tend to root for the underdog in any game not featuring OSU or some other team I care about (a MAC school; a Big Ten school vs Non Big Ten school; something like that). Not so in the Sugar Bowl. Again, take LSU. You’ll feel better in the morning.

Arkansas is the second best team in the SEC and would have beaten Florida had 1) McFadden not hurt himself in the first quarter or 2) had that ARK player not botched the punt in the endzone. Auburn is the third best team in the SEC. Florida is the fourth best team. I will defend this position til the death.

Which is not to say that Florida didn’t earn a shot to play in the national championship game. Florida’s resume is sufficiently impressive to warrant a championship game berth. 12-1, SEC champion, nine wins over bowl teams. That’s as good a resume as any team has this season. Better than Michigan’s. Florida earned the right to play in the game. They just aren’t the second-best team in the country.

So that’s Florida.

Or at least the team. I haven’t said anything about the coach, Urban Meyer. Urban Meyer has no class. Never in my life did I think I’d look at Lloyd Carr and say to myself, Gee, he sure seems like an upstanding citizen. It wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago that the prospect of this sort of thought possibly crossing my mind even had a chance to flicker with life, and then it became reality over the weekend. Say what you will about Carr — he’s not a good coach, for starters — but he didn’t blatantly lobby the voters to put his team in the championship game. Meyer started whining immediately following the OSU-UM game and didn’t relent until his team made it. He probably didn’t engender much support from the casual football fan outside of the SEC. Here’s hoping he gets his comeuppance.

But what of Gary Danielson, color commentator for CBS Sports? Did anyone else watch the SEC championship game? In the second half Danielson was as biased an announcer as I’ve ever heard. It was incredible and rather annoying. He’s the national football announcer for CBS, not the team’s announcer, although on Saturday you probably couldn’t tell the difference. His heart was bleeding orange and blue. Bleeding all over the place. Highly unprofessional.

9 Responses to “Quick hits on the BCS; Florida; announcers; coaches”

  1. Tim said

    What a joke. I can’t believe that any asshole with a blog holds some form of credibility. It’s columns like this that make my stomach turn. Coach Meyer answers questions honestly. If you call that lobbying then so be it, but I’d rather have a coach that believes in his team and believes that they deserve a chance, then watching OSU lay the smackdown on Lloyd “I’m Jim Tressel’s bitch” Carr. At least Coach Meyer had some balls and told people how he felt when asked. Unlike Tressel’s sweater vest pansy ass. He cowered like a vag, instead of standing up for what he believes in. Its bad enough that I have to watch CNN or Fox News and see these slim ball politians suck each other off, and now my only escape, sports, is being turned into a political game. What a joke, get a clue dude.

  2. First of all, any asshole with a blog does not hold some form of credibility, but thanks for treating me as though I do.

    Second, Meyer did more than answer questions. He lobbied to have his team in the game. Why not just let his team speak for itself on the field?

    Third, Tressel, I believe, was in the right when he abstained on the last vote. In doing so, he stood up for what he believed and risked his future voting rights. That is not cowering.

    Fourth, the only thing this site has in common with Fox New is that neither of us are credible. However, I never made any claims of credibility.

    Fifth, sports became political long before I wrote anything about the politics of sports. If sports are going to be political — and this is most evident in college football — then why not have an intelligent discussion about it instead of bemoaning this fact?

    Sixth, I have a clue.

    Seventh, thanks for the comment.

  3. The Truth said

    Who was the main asshole commentator during the Boise vs. Oklahoma bowl game? I’d love to stick my fist in his face. He is about as biased a commentator as I’ve ever seen. I don’t watch a lot of football and the moron talking heads are the main reason.

  4. Bshadrick said

    Useless post now. Your buckeyes got their ass kicked royally. The only thing Urban has to lobby for now is to get the charges against his team reduced to aggravated assault because what his team did to your Buckeyes is against the rules of the Geneva Convention

  5. Dan S. said

    Thanks for being fuel for the fire that was the FLORIDA GATORS!!!!

  6. Just doing my part.

  7. gatorinatl said

    ha ha what a dipshit. You know, Florida might not be the best team in the SEC. Shows how sorry ass the BIG 10 is compared to the SEC. VANDY would have given us a better game.

  8. gatorinatl said

    THE ohio state got THE shit kicked out of them despite THE obvious bias against Florida. Just think everyone wanted freakin Michigan in that game too. Michigan maybe would have been a better opponent — for FLORIDA! Well at least the Gators will get some real competition in the spring blue and orange game. Hey maybe we can make The Ohio State our homecoming game. Would be good exposure for your program to play us in the regular season. Oh wait…that’s right….the Big 10 absolutely refuses to get into any agreement with the SEC for regular season games. Michigan and Ohio State voided that possibility about five or six years ago. Listen if you guys change your mind, let us know and we’ll make you our homecoming patsy. Hey take your time reading this Ohio boy because I know you guys are pretty slow.

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