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Quick glance at bowl season

Posted by disappointmentzone on 4 December 2006

Now that school is done for a few weeks I can dedicate myself to the more important things in life, like college football bowl games. The complete bowl schedule is out and you can find a copy of it HERE. Below are the bowl games of note for people in the greater Cleveland area. Can you guess which bowl titles are the real ones and which ones I made up?

San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl
TCU v Northern Illinois
12/19 at 8p, ESPN2

The Regional State Cartographers of America Motor City Bowl
Middle Tennessee State v Central Michigan
12/26 at 7:30p, ESPN

Insight Bowl presented by The Only Time These Players Will Be On The NFL Network
Texas Tech v Minnesota
12/29 at 7:30p, NFL Network

Champs Sports Bowl presented by Mediocrity Associates
Purdue v Maryland
12/29 at 8p, ESPN

The Amnisty International Alamo Bowl
Texas v Iowa
12/30 at 4:30p, ESPN

Outback Bowl presented by Immodium AD
Tennessee v Penn State
1/1 at 11a, ESPN

The Stupid BCS Regulations Capitol One Bowl
Arkansas v Wisconsin
1/1 at 1p, ABC

Rose Bowl
USC v Michigan
1/1 at 5p, ABC

International Bowl presented by Canada
Cincinnati v Western Michigan
1/6 at 12p, ESPN2

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl Presented by Doritos
Ohio State v Florida
1/8 at 8p, Fox


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