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Charlie Frye: QB Score: Week 13: Bonus Edition

Posted by disappointmentzone on 4 December 2006

Looks like the Browns are doing everything they can to ensure their worst draft position possible. The team isn’t going to make the playoffs. Why even compete anymore? Doing so just decreases the chances that the team will earn a high draft pick. And you know that the Browns aren’t just one key player away from turning the corner. They need all the help they can get. So why go out and win games? It’s just stupid, typical Podunk Browns crap. Never thinking, always screwing up.

OK. So I imagine that’s the typical spin a pessimistic Browns fan might put on yesterday’s stunning win over the Chiefs. No such fans reside here, though. Here we are all about celebrating the small victories in life and even the actual victories in NFL games.

Charlie Frye played like a veteran, All-Pro quarterback. His QB score was 82. To put this number in perspective, his previous best QB Score was 80, in week three. His average QB score is -29. He was about four times better than he usually is. That’s no small increase. Even more impressive is that he did all of this in only two quarters. His QB Score per play was a Peyton Manning-esque 5.86, where “Peyton Manning-esque” means “Peyton Manning at his very best.” QB Score per play is the more meaningful of the two QB statistics. 5.86 is no joke. A lot of quarterbacks put up high QB Scores. Not many quarterbacks put up high QB Scores per play. Then again, Frye only played one half.

So what of Derek Anderson (Cleveland’s newest entry into the Reggie Cleveland All-Stars)? His QB score was 88, highly respectable, especially when you consider that yesterday Anderson threw his first ever pass as an NFL quarterback. I don’t have the statistics for NFL debuts — in particular NFL debuts that come suddenly (in the middle of the season in the middle of a game) — but my guess is that Anderson’s performance would have him ranked in the upper tier. It’s hard to imagine many quarterbacks performing so well under those conditions (at home in the blistering cold against a playoff-capable team). Anderson’s QB Score per play was 3.67.

When you put the two together you get what is BY FAR the best quarterback line any Brown has put up in a while. Charek AnderFrye (there must be something better than this) had an aggregate QB Score of 170 and a QB Score per play of 4.47.


2 Responses to “Charlie Frye: QB Score: Week 13: Bonus Edition”

  1. Erik said

    At this point, so many drafts have come and gone with no discernable improvement in the overall state of the team, I’d rather see the Browns figure out how to win than secure another Top 5 draft pick.

    All losing is going to do is lead to more losing. If the Browns win four of their last five and enter the offseason with a shred of actual hope for turning it around next season, that’s far better to me than a high draft pick. Especially since there are no Reggie Bushes coming out this year.

  2. The first part of this post was meant to be sarcastic. I’d rather see the team winning, too.

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