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Game 17: L

Posted by disappointmentzone on 3 December 2006

Denver played Indiana last night in a professional basketball game. It looked like one, too. Denver scored 65 points in the first half en route to a 121-101 win over our division rivals from one state over. The Cavs played Houston last night in, well, the boxscore is being printed on the NBA page of every newspaper I’ve come across this morning. But I’m not convinced that the Cavs played in a professional basketball game. I’m sure Houston did, though. Whatever happened appeared to be more of a exhibition in which a bored Houston team demonstrated to an indifferent Cavs team what a professional basketball game might look like were the Cavs actually to play in one. Whatever it was, the Cavs scored 63 points in four quarters en route to another loss.

Here is some good gambling advice: if you see that an NBA team is playing two games back-to-back in different time zones where the second game is on the road, take the home team no matter what the point spread is.

The Disappointment Zone boxscore for last night’s Cavs game is the most impressive yet. As a way of emphasizing just how impressive it actually is, it’s being brought to you in color by…well…no corporate sponsors here. This is an entirely amateur operation, if you couldn’t tell already.


The Cavs played 240 minutes. 46 minutes were on the whole above average. 194 were on the whole below average. Not one starter had even an average game. The next time the Cavs lay an egg it would be nice to see all the players play below-average, just to see if it’s possible.


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