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Game 16: W

Posted by disappointmentzone on 2 December 2006

In a stirring turn of events, after losing three of four and looking generally incompetent when playing teams that just barely qualify as professional, the Cavs beat the Hawks last night. On the road, no less. We haven’t yet reached the point where winning a game on the road is a small miracle, but with the Pistons not losing games and the Cavs slipping to the #2 spot in the division, every win feels a little more monumental than perhaps it otherwise would (I mean, since when did beating the Hawks qualify as monumental in the least?). In his last column for the PD, Roger Brown predicted that the Cavs would follow the 2006 Indians and disappoint. It’s far too early to tell whether he’s right or wrong, but the way things are going…

Once again the Cavs get above-average guard play and the team wins. So far this season you could set a clock by the relationship between the guards and the outcome of the games. One other note: it’s interesting to watch how Mike Brown is handling Damon Jones. Jones always comes off the bench, often plays the most minutes of any guard, and often is the most productive guard. When your starting SG is out of the game midway through the first quarter his “starter” status is more honorary than anything, but still. Jones + Varejao + 5/7 Marshall + 1/2 Pavolvic + 1/4 Gibson= a productive bench.



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