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Slow decline to terrible just accelerated

Posted by disappointmentzone on 29 November 2006

Ryan Tucker is arguably the best offensive lineman on the Browns (active) roster. That said, if you’ve watched the Browns play this season you know that last sentence doesn’t necessarily carry much weight. I mean, the offensive line is bad. But now we’ll be able to assess just how critical Tucker is to the O-Line because they will no longer have him there to participate in the orgy of missed blocks and holding penalties that occurs every Sunday afternoon. That’s right: Tucker will miss the rest of the season.


Undisclosed illness.


That sound you just heard was half of Cleveland vomiting because they just imagined the prospect of watching the Browns play professional football with an even worse offensive line than the one that’s been playing.

Of course, our illness has a name. One that we are more than willing to disclose.

It’s called Being A Browns Fan.

There is no cure.


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