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Coleman dead; Dellucci an Indian

Posted by disappointmentzone on 28 November 2006

Casey Coleman died yesterday after a long and noble battle with pancreatic cancer. The sports boadcasters in Cleveland generally fall into two camps: absolutely terrible or absolutely wonderful. Colemen was the leader of the absolutely wonderful camp. He’ll be missed.


Fox Sports is reporting that the Indians have reached a three-year, $11.5M deal former Texas and Philly OF David Dellucci. Ken Rosenthal suggests that Dellucci will platoon with Jason Michaels in LF while Choo will man RF. Casey Blake will play 1B, meaning that Garko could very well be used as trade bait in the Indians’ ongoing effort to find a solid RP.


2 Responses to “Coleman dead; Dellucci an Indian”

  1. Josh said

    i don’t see a team with Michaels/Dellucci, Choo, Blake and Marte on the corners winning a world series. I know the run production during the last mostly meaningless regular season wasn’t below par, but I worry how these guys perform under the pressure of a penant race.

  2. I’m a huge advocate for platooning players (and lineup). I’ve probably done 10,000 words on it (check out ‘notes on optimization’). A Michaels/Dellucci platoon is an above-average platoon and could be really effective. Blake is a solid fielder–1B isn’t that demanding anyway. But you are right about Marte. He has the potential to be an elite 3B. The good news is that the lineup should be better than last season, which means that he can remain in the bottom of the order, which means he’ll be able to focus more on defense. Whether he does is another issue, of course.

    Choo can always be platooned with Blake, with Victor taking over 1B and Shoppach catching.

    Right now I like this lineup and the potential it holds much more than last seasons’ lineup. I’m trying to hold back on a long-ass post about the the benefits of this group of players until the roster is a little more solidified, but at the moment even thinking about sniffing the world series is nice.

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