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Charlie Frye: QB Score: Week 12

Posted by disappointmentzone on 26 November 2006

I am writing this just a few hours after the Browns lost to the Bengals, 30-0, so there hasn’t been much in the way of published blog posts or news editorials about how poorly the Browns played today, although one blog has already identified whatever it was the Browns did this afternoon (“played football” might be a stretch) as disgraceful. As sure as there will always be an England a lot of noise will be generated in the greater Cleveland area in the next few days, which is to be expected when one’s team gets shut out by the worst defensive team in the league, a team that hadn’t shut out an opponent since 1989. Should Romeo be fired? Should Lerner sell the team? Should…

So allow me to get in on the action early with a post about our intrepid leader, Charlie Frye.

He’s not a good quarterback.

There. I said it. That’s all there is to say, really.

This isn’t a personal attack on Frye, and my comments aren’t the result of his poor play this afternoon. Since the preseason I have been leery about Frye’s ability to be a starting quarterback in the NFL. What happened this afternoon was more the final nail in the coffin than the game that launched a thousand yells of “He stinks!”. If you want a more level-headed breakdown of why there is little hope for Frye, here is a nice post from one of the Football Outsiders. But that’s just the statistical backing for whatever thoughts are floating around in your head. Occular proof is all one needs in this instance. There is no nuance.

Frye had his worst game of the season today. His QB Score was -148. His QB Score per play was an atrocious -4.23. Four INTs didn’t help his cause, but even if the Hail Mary INT at the end of the first half were removed from his boxscore he would have had his second-worst game of the season. Any way you cut it Frye had a terrible game. Just ask Braylon Edwards.

The good news is that the Browns have some clarity heading into the offseason. Frye is not the guy to lead the team back to the playoffs, let alone .500 football. That said, the talk about possibly drafting Brady Quinn or Troy Smith (see: today’s PD) is a little absured. The biggest problem on the team isn’t Frye. It’s the offensive line. Peyton Manning could be at the helm right now and the team would still be struggling. Before the backfield should be addressed the offensive line needs fixing. Only then would it make sense to persue alternatives for the quarterback position. Which is why I think in the long run the Browns will be better if Frye is the quarterback next season. Whatever money the team has — whatever draft picks the team uses — needs to go to improving both the offensive and defensive lines. The worst decision the team could make at this point is throwing money or a high draft pick at a quarterback. It’s the same decision the team made back when we drafted Tim Couch, and it’s the sort of decision-making that’s been haunting the team ever since. The good news is that the 2006 draft class is coming along nicely, so I have hope that the 2007 draft class will be able to contribute to the team right away. But if we spend our high draft pick on any quarterback or running back or another skilled position player, my hopes will come crashing down, and so will the 2007 season.

How’s that for drastic?


9 Responses to “Charlie Frye: QB Score: Week 12”

  1. Ben said

    The only non-lineman first round draft pick I’m willing to let slide is Adrian Peterson. That’s it. If not Peterson, draft linemen.

    If there’s no one to pick as early as they’ll be drafting, trade down for multiple first round picks. And take more linemen.

  2. Alright, an exception for Peterson, should he come out. He’s a stud.

  3. Josh said

    I don’t think they can go into next year without an experienced backup QB who has something of a record. Frye just isn’t accurate. Pennington doesn’t have a canon for an arm but he can put the ball in tough spots. Frye doesn’t have a canon for an arm and he sprays throws all over the field.

    I think Romeo is toast and either Stoops or the dude from Iowa will be brought here. Maybe ene Tressell if he’s crazy enough to do it. I know they had a bad experience with Butch but I think getting a guy from the college ranks who fits the Saban mold is the logical next step. As risky as that can be, so is picking a coordinator where you don’t know a) who was truly responsible for the coordinator’s unit have success and whether they have b) leadership skills. Crennel clearly lacks the ability to lead a team.

    I’m willing to give Savage more time. D’Qwell and Wimberly have played well. I think they are a cornerback and an impact DE away from having a respectable unit. And like you said, they need three new Offensive Linemen

  4. You are right that the Browns need to bring in someone else who is capable of playing QB, but the key point is that the person they bring it shouldn’t be at the expense of the persons they could bring in with money or draft picks to play on either the o-line (most important) or d-line (next most important)

    There is no way Tressel is leaving OSU, and I doubt Stoops is leaving OK. Ferentz is interesting because of his ties to the team, but his name was brought up often back before the Browns hired Romeo and he was reluctant to leave Iowa then. Perhaps a 6-6 season will change his mind.

  5. Josh said

    Here are some names who might be available on one-two year contracts like Harrington was this year:

    Byron Leftwich
    Trent Green
    Chris Simms
    Jake Plummer

    Any one of them would stand a strong chance of being an upgrade.

  6. I think Leftwich will command a fair salary on the open market. He’d be my favorite out of that list, followed by Trent Green. Then Simms and far off in the rear-view mirror is Plummer. Thanks for the list.

  7. Ben said

    Ah, Byron Leftwich… the Browns can’t block for Frye right now, but a slow pocket passer. Yeah, that’ll do it.

    I’m actually not against Leftwich (I agree that he’s the best bet of that bunch) but this is all moot if they don’t address the line (AND the running game).

    The sick thing is, the O-line has been a problem for what, 8 years now? Fix it.

  8. josh said

    I think Simms is a reasonable risk. He was quite good the last 6 games of last year. Had the Bucs receiver not dropped a pass in the end zone last year he would have won a playoff game.

    The problem with OL and free agency is that not a lot of great tackles make it to the open market and the ones thatt do, like Shaeffer and LJ Shelton, get overvalued.

  9. We got Bentley via free agency, and there is the tackle from Wisconsin coming out this year. He’s be a nice choice if the Browns get a top-5 pick. I’m not sure how many quality o linemen are going to be free agents this year. Let’s hope there are a lot.

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