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Mixed signals

Posted by disappointmentzone on 24 November 2006

Lest we not forget, the Browns’ offense scored six points last week against the Steelers. A few weeks ago against the Chargers we kicked about 41 field goals. The team has one more win than they’ve had offensive coordinators. Winslow was complaining about the offense seemingly from the start of the season, and now Edwards has added his voice to the cacophony. Oh, and then there are us bloggers and fans. Find me one person who likes the Browns offense and I’ll

wait a minute….

John Clayton of thinks that this week against the Bengals Charlie Frye could pass for over 300 yards! He writes:

Charlie Frye is getting some positive things going with tight end Kellen Winslow and Braylon Edwards. The way the Bengals’ defense has been playing of late, any quarterback could throw for 300 yards against them…

OK. So Clayton said that any quarterback could potentially pass for 300 yards against the Bengals, which is a statement more about the Bengals than it is about any quarterback. And since Frye is in fact a quarterback (seriously, I checked) he falls into that camp of players who could pass for that many yards.

But Clayton continues:

[Carson Palmer] doesn’t want to get into an offensive shootout with the Browns.


On the whole I like John Clayton. Any person who can put up with Sean  Salisbury on a weekly basis without killing Sean Salisbury has the patience and strength of a saint and has more than earned my respect and admiration. The only person who could endear himself more to me would be the person who’d actually kill Sean Salisbury. That said, Clayton might be a little nuts. Don’t expect 300 yards passing — should it happen at all — to be part of a stat line with whatever else one would expect to accompany 300 yards passing (3 touchdowns or something). Until further notice there can be no talk about other teams worrying about the Browns outscoring them. It just sounds ridiculous. 300 yards passing and four field goals sounds more like it. And something tells me Cincinnati will score more than 12 points.


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