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Charlie Frye: QB Score: Week 11

Posted by disappointmentzone on 20 November 2006

The Browns’ offense remains just about as impotent as ever, mustering all of six points against the Steelers, but at least Charlie Frye is improving, ever so slightly, from week to week.

No, the Browns can’t score touchdowns (24th in passing TDs; 18th in rushing TDs). No, the Browns can’t move the ball (29th in total yards entering this week), due mostly to having one of the worst rushing offenses in the league, but having the 23rd-best passing offense doesn’t help much, either. Inopportune kicking misfires don’t help the scoring cause, and the Browns have had a few of those. Despite all the draft picks and free agent signings spent on offensive players over the last few season (Edwards, Frye, Winslow, Droughns, Bentley), the Browns’ offensive production remains, well, offensive.

But at least Charlie Frye is improving.

No, he isn’t particularly accurate. He’s completed about 63% of his passes this season, which isn’t the best in the league but nor is it the worst. Frye is in the upper tier of quarterbacks in completions but the Browns are in the lowest tier of passing offense in yards per game. So Frye is completing a lot of short passes, but his overall numbers remain fairly pedestrian. Oh, and then there’s the 12 interceptions. Interceptions are generally not accurate passes, but Frye has had his share of botched catches. No, his arm isn’t particularly strong — perhaps part of the reason for the lack of successful long pass plays this season. No, Fry isn’t particularly good. His Defensive-adjusted Value Over Average ranks him as the third-worst quarterback in the NFL.

But at least he’s improving.

For just the second time this season (first time: week three) Charlie Frye was an above-average quarterback. His QB Score was 69. His QB Score per play was 1.86. Three weeks is only a trend — and not a particularly strong trend — but in each of the last three weeks Frye has shown considerable improvement, making significant leaps from week to week. Don’t look now, but the one-time league leader in interceptions hasn’t tossed one in two games.

Of course, Frye still turned the ball over yesterday — the world might stop spinning is Frye went a game without committing at least one turnover — and he still hasn’t shown many signs that he knows what he’s doing in the pocket (counting to three and then throwing the ball away would be a step in the right direction). But these two drawbacks can be explained, at least in part, by Frye’s eagerness to make a BIG PLAY on every snap. They are correctable errors, in other words, but errors nonetheless.

At least he’s improving, though.


2 Responses to “Charlie Frye: QB Score: Week 11”

  1. Jon said

    why cant cleveland WIN ANYTHING god.

    after I had time to sleep off my hangover and reflect on embarrassing myself with a fit of rage infront of the entire bar, I started reading the columns and interviews after the game, I THINK some of these players are starting to get it. the way they were hitting, taunting, trashing talking, all of that..that showed fire I hadnt seen all season or last. I’m proud as hell for our brownies and can only hope that momentum carries over against the bengals, especially since I’ll be there.

    I realize the differences between the steelers/bengals offense, but our running seemed MUCH improved against parker. shut down rudi, play cover 2 the whole game and this one will come down to the final play as well.

    (WHY didnt jones hold ON?!??!)

  2. I was impressed by Winslow’s stiff arm to Porter. That was a spectacular play.

    Sadly, Frye messed up a few plays later on second-and-short, taking a sack when he could have run for the first down had he not stood around in the pocket for too long. The Browns failed to convert third-and-long and had to punt from about midfield. At that point I kinda thought the game would be over if the Steelers could muster any offense. Talk about a series of plays that encapsulates everything that is at once great (gritty hustle) and terrible (no offense) about the Browns.

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