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Posted by disappointmentzone on 16 November 2006

I said that I was going to do a breakdown of the Game of the Century. I am no longer going to do it. Why? Because if you wake up, hop onto the internet, and browse for, oh, six minutes, you’ll come across at least four articles about Saturday’s game. Heaven forbid you go to or or any other sports site. I think it’s fair to say that enough has been written already. You almost literally can’t escape the game. It’s everywhere. In the past few days has posted more than 15 stories, including one about a band whose main conceit is that they dress like Woody (this story actually made the front page of; don’t ask me). The ESPN homepage has a countdown clock (just a bit under two days…in case you forgot when the game was).

And frankly I’m not in an emotional position to do anything other than sit here quietly and wait. If you even remotely care about OSU or Michigan then you understand what’s going on. It’s tough right now to be a fan.

Anyway, I think OSU wins and covers the spread. Michigan’s secondary is too pourous and OSU’s passing game is too potent to keep OSU to under 24 points, and OSU’s defense is too good and Michigan’s offense is too inconsistent for Michigan to score more than 23 points. Plus OSU has the better punter, which should not be overlooked. The game will be close until the fourth quarter, when OSU scores 10 points, which proves to be the margin of victory. 27-17.


6 Responses to “OSU-Michigan”

  1. luke (looks like lucky) Palmer said

    With the events today it is increasingly important that both teams get off to strong starts. If Michigan can open holes in the OSU front 7 with their zone blocking early they can build on the emotion of the loss of Schembechler. The first quarter will be a frenzy and Michigan especially is going to have a lot of extra energy which could mean a lot of flags or a lot of punts. The question is if OSU gets a lead will Michigan have the emotional energy to rally from behind in Columbus. . . No. OSU 31 Mich 20

  2. This Schembechler death really throws everything I thought out of the window. I have no idea how the game is going to go. Not that I did before…

  3. J said

    This site is one of the best Cleveland sports sites around. Nothing to do with the OSU/Michigan game, but I thought I’d throw that out. I’d love to see more in terms of the opinions and not just the recaps, though. Indians have a lot of trade possibilities out there and free cash, I’d love to see this site weigh in. I go to college in Kent and I’m moving back to CO this summer, so I need a good site to keep me updated on the teams that make me the alcoholic I am today!

  4. J said

    BTW how about something on the Zips?

  5. jon said

    that game scared me, beat the shit out of me, made me happy, made me angry, made me vomit (seriously), made me wish I was drinking, beat the shit out of me again, stole my voice, pissed off my neighbors, terrified my cats, made my girlfriend leave the house, and made my VCR stop recording because even it knew there were 2 minutes left in the 4th quarter with scUM only trailing by 3. I finally know what pms feels like.

    FUCK. however, I’d like to punch datish in the face a few times. if he doesnt botch those snaps scUM loses 14 points and this game isnt even close.

    was this better than 2002 miami?

  6. I was more excited after the Miami game than after yesterday’s game. In 2002 no one gave OSU a chance (I wasn’t confident they’d win) and so the emotional intensity of pulling off an upset to win the national championship was beyond anything I could have hoped for. Yesterday I was more relieved than anything else. It was a helluva game and OSU showed that they are the better team, but beating Michigan is always tough and the prospect of that happening was almost too much to bear. Thankfully we won.

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