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Charlie Frye: QB Score: Week 10

Posted by disappointmentzone on 13 November 2006

It feels like football week here at the Disappointment Zone. Not only is there some game between two friendly state rivals that might have national championship implications — I’m not sure, though, maybe someone on ESPN will talk about this at some point — but the Cleveland Browns actually won a regulation football game this past weekend and Aston Villa — still the best Cleveland football team in the known world — won as well, beating Everton 1-0 to move into a tie for third fourth place in the EPL standings.

What’s more, Charlie Frye posted a positive QB Score and was nearly average! Something must be in the air.

QB Score: 30
QB Score per play: 0.97


One Response to “Charlie Frye: QB Score: Week 10”

  1. Isaiah said

    I’m sorry if I was unclear in my email about it, but I just need to clear something up about Aston Villa so that no one is confused:

    Villa is fourth in the EPL standings. Unlike American sports, there are actually no ties in the standings in European soccer, regardless of how early in the season we’re talking. So here is the current table:

    3. Arsenal 21 points, +13 goal differential
    4. Aston Villa 21 points, +6 goal differential
    5. Bolton 21 points +1 goal differential

    Teams are ranked in this order:

    1. Points from games (3 for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a loss); if teams are tied in points then they are ranked by

    2. Goal differential (Goals scored subtracted by goals allowed); in the highly unlikely event that this does not seperate teams after 38 games of play then they are ranked by

    3. Goals scored. There are other determening factors beyond this, but they’re never used, not even in the World Cup where it’s common to get to goals scored. But they do exist, for future reference.

    Besides all of this statistical stuff, Arsenal have played only 11 games whereas Villa have played 12 like most other teams. So this game in hand will probably later bump Arsenal above Villa in terms of points. Regardless, Villa is in the fourth Champions League spot and I fully expect them to stay in the battle for European competition over the next 2/3 of the season.

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