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Game 5: W

Posted by disappointmentzone on 10 November 2006

The Cavs are looking like the sort of team that plays to its opponent. The better the opposing team, the better the Cavs play. If the Cavs play the Hawks of Bobcats, the Cavs play like the Hawks or Bobcats. The good part is that the Cavs are showing themselves capable of playing and beating the elite teams in the Association. The bad part is that the Cavs are showing themselves capable of not showing up.



Drew Gooden has been almost as valuable to the Cavs as LeBron James this season. Through the first five games of the season the three-year contract Gooden signed this past summer looks more and more like an extremely savvy deal for the Cavs. Last night Gooden played about as well as he possible could. Insanely efficient scoring, a lot of rebounds, few turnovers, a few assists, and all in just 25 minutes.


One Response to “Game 5: W”

  1. Isaiah said

    Gooden: like 23 intangibles. Almost one per minute.

    Cavs are looking pretty good, I think. They just tend to take nights off now and then, which is a no-no come end of season, but for now isn’t all that big of a deal (think Miami last year, only without the possibility of Shaq showing up one day and deciding to play).

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