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Downward spiral for Mota

Posted by disappointmentzone on 1 November 2006

First there was the injury.

Then there was some other stuff, including being traded to the Indians.

Now it’s a 50 game suspension.

It’s almost hard to believe that just a few seasons ago Guillermo Mota was the top set-up man in all of baseball, the guy who pitched the eighth inning during Eric Gange’s save streak with such poise and ability that many teams wanted him as a closer.

Good thing we got rid of him before other members of the bullpen were exposed to the dangers of performance-enhancing drugs…


2 Responses to “Downward spiral for Mota”

  1. Erik said

    Come on. Would you really want to see the entire Cleveland bullpen get suspended for doping? Do you really want to see Jose Jimenez back in a Tribe uniform?

  2. My comment was in reference to members of our bullpen who’ve had minor run-ins in this area before, although after last season we could probably not do worse than completely remaking the bullpen.

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