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Charlie Frye: QB Score: Week 8

Posted by disappointmentzone on 30 October 2006

The Browns won an actual football game yesterday, although in the fourth quarter the team did just about everything possible to lose. I predicted at the start of the season that after this game the emotional barometer in Cleveland would read “Guarded Cheerfulness“, which I think is just about right. There was a new offensive coordinator and the team moved the ball with some efficiency throughout most of the game, although a) we were playing the NY Jets and b) we almost lost. So let’s be happy. These wins will be pretty rare over the rest of the season. It’s important to enjoy them while we can. Just be warned that if you are too happy the fall from grace next Sunday–we play the Chargers, a team that’s, well, pretty damn good–will hurt a little more than it would otherwise.

Charlie Frye had his second-best game of the season (or sixth-worst for you pessimists) with a QB Score of -1 and a QB Score per play of -.033. He has yet to go a game without throwing an interception, which is a bad sign–11 INTs through seven games is pretty awful–although he hasn’t fumbled the ball for two straight weeks, which is nice.


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