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Small bit to make you feel anxious

Posted by disappointmentzone on 20 October 2006

Peter Vescey, in today’s NY Post, has a column about the feud between Isaiah Thomas and ESPN NBA analyst Greg Anthony. I know, exciting. One of the reasons these two are feuding is because Anthony “figured out what [Thomas] was up to” when, in an apparent move to win the goodwill of LeBron James, Thomas signed Jamal Crawford and Vin Baker, both clients of Aaron Goodwin, who is James’s agent. But that’s not the interesting bit. This is the interesting bit:

A high-level league source swears James will opt out early (after the 20011-12 season) from his new deal and join the Knicks.

I have no idea how the LBJ situation will play out over the next few seasons. No idea. The only thing I’m certain about is that there will be a constant string of anonymous league insiders stating that LBJ is gone when his contract expires, if not sooner, and that these anonymous sources will be quoted when a) the Cavs go through a tough losing streak, b) the Knicks go through a winning streak, c) there is talk of Thomas losing his job, d) there is a slow news day in off season. There are probably e), f), g), and h), but that’s too much to consider right now.

His contract hasn’t even kicked in yet and he’s already gone from Cleveland (or so we are being told). The life of a Cavs fan: gotta love it!


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