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Intrepid reader solves mystery

Posted by disappointmentzone on 19 October 2006

As I wrote earlier, there are two AP voters, both from California, who refuse to vote OSU #1 and instead vote for West Virginia. For the life of me (and for the life of everyone I know) I can’t figure out the twisted calculus necessary to vote West Virginia ahead of OSU. Under what rubric could such a conclusion logically be reached? West Virginia has beaten, as one reader pointed out, Syracuse and East Carolina–big time programs with rich traditions of fielding top-notch football teams–and the combined records of the teams WVU has played is a lowly 14-25.

The combined records of OSU’s opponents is a respectable 29-17 (with wins over Texas and Iowa, for those scoring at home).

I realize that a team’s schedule is to some extent beyond the control of the program. If OSU only played Oberlin College, OSU would still be a fairly good team. But I think it’s fair to say that OSU would not be as good of a team if they only played Oberlin College, which is to say that the quality of opponents a team plays to some extent shapes (or refines) the quality of a team. West Virginia has not been in a position to undergo such a refinement; OSU has. This is important.

I posted the email address of one of the voters, Scott Wolf, in case anyone was interested in writing him to ask him about his curious voting habits. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the email address of the other voter, Kevin Pearson.

Now the mystery has been solvednot by me, of course, but a fantastic reader whose initials are MF. Here is Mr. Pearson’s email address.

Yes, I’ve already sent him an email.


2 Responses to “Intrepid reader solves mystery”

  1. Ben said

    Thanks for the shout out.

    WV has played one team with a winning record, Maryland. Well done boys. They’ve played some truely awful teams and people are just really impressed by this.

    OSU would kill them in the championship game (should it come to that). I mean, giving Jim Tressel a month or so to game plan around a one dimensional team? Good luck.

  2. OSU-WVU would be a great championship game…but I’m pulling for an OSU-Mich championship game. Michigan just needs to pull a Nebraska and lose the last game of the season before making it to the championship.

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