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Charlie Frye: QB Score: Week 5

Posted by disappointmentzone on 9 October 2006

Through the first five games of the season Charlie Frye has been one of the worst quarterbacks in the league. After yesterday’s loss to the Carolina Panthers, Frye has only further solidified his place with the Andrew Walkers and Ben Roethlisbergers of the league, namely, Andrew Walker and Ben Roethlisberger. It’s a select group of the absolute worst quarterbacks this season that still have starting jobs.

Yesterday Frye posted his worst QB Score of the season, -122, and his second-worst QB Score per play of the season, -2.6. Carolina has a solid defense, to be sure, but Frye is utterly prone to turnovers–he now has 12 on the season–and three times in the first five games Frye has committed three turnovers and not once has Frye turned the ball over fewer than two times. I doubt we are approaching a record for turnovers, but winning games when the quarterback averages 2.4 turnovers per game is exceedingly difficult.

Fortunately the Browns have a veteran backup to mentor Frye.

In other Ohio quarterback news, Brad Gradkowski Rock Stiffler, former Toledo and current Tampa Bay QB, started the first game of his career yesterday. His QB Score was 71 and his QB Score per play was a very respectable 1.8.

[NOTE: QB Score does not necessarily represent an accurate account of a quarterback’s skill. Charlie Frye having low QB Scores could easily be a reflection of the quality of players surrounding him. This should be noted. Now it is.]

8 Responses to “Charlie Frye: QB Score: Week 5”

  1. Erik said

    Bruce Gradkowski

  2. Erik said

    Bruce is his christened MAC name. Why is he suddenly going by Brad? Because now he’s in the NFL and wants a name that sounds cooler? Maybe he should just legally have his name changed to Rock Stiffler.

  3. I have no idea why he switched, but it think it’s worth calling him Rock Stiffler now.

  4. Josh said

    I didn’t think Frye played terribly on Sunday.

    That one interception should have been a completion. Another one was at the end and was inevitable given the situation in the game and the time remaining. I don’t know if many other quarterbacks could have done much against the Carolina defense in Third and Eights with the Browns offensive unit.

    To me it was a game where you couldn’t really make a clear evaluation.

  5. lionel said

    Frye has the turnovers, that is true. However, Dennis Northcutt should be straight up released from the team. It doesn’t help the QB when your receiver drops the ball and gives the other team a pick-six.

  6. It’s worth noting the note I wrote at the end of the post. Frye posted a terrible QB Score on Sunday, and over the first five games he’s had one of the worst QB Scores of any starting QB in the NFL. That said, QB Score doesn’t necessarily reflect the ability/quality/skill of a quarterback. Due to the nature of the quarterback position–its dependence on the o-line, backs, TEs, and WRs–statistical measures of performance are hard to pin down. QB Score is better than NFL Passer Rating, but it’s not pefect as a measure of QB skill. With the statistics kept by the NFL, such a measure is probably impossible to come by.

  7. Josh said

    You’ve got to be impressed with Charlie Frye’s QB score this week. Middle of the pack. No negative plays.

  8. I was debating whether or not to do a spoof post about Frye’s Week 6 QB Score. You beat me to the punch. Damn.

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