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Aston Villa addition

Posted by disappointmentzone on 4 October 2006

According to Soccernet, Aston Villa has picked up Chris Sutton. Soccer Spot is all over it.

Chris Sutton is a good addition to the squad, though he’ll never be more than a stopgap. I doubt he’ll do particularly well, being 33 and somewhat washed up (he wasn’t a free agent through the end of September for nothing), but with Luke Moore out of the picture for the season due to a dislocated shoulder it’s good that O’Neill has found someone to replace him until the January transfer window. Expect a play for someone like Jermaine Defoe (though that’s probably a little lofty) in late December and January.

The loss of Luke Moore is a pretty big blow, but it could herald a faster return to the starting lineup for Milan Baros if he can somehow work out a way to play alongside Juan Pablo Angel up front (which is basically like asking Shaq and Yao to play together — I think that analogy works). That’s not likely, thus the contract for Sutton. Again, stopgap, nothing more.

That Sutton says “First and foremost, I want to get fully fit and get into contention,” is probably the most important part of the article since it shows Sutton is still not match ready. Hopefully this
international break (for Euro2008 qualifiers) will do him good and get him up to speed.


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