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If your option was picked up, please step forward. Not so fast, Boonie

Posted by disappointmentzone on 3 October 2006

The first meaningful action of the 2006-07 Indians off season (it promises to be better than the 2006 Indians actual season) happened today as the team picked up the options on Jake Westbrook ($6.1 million) and Casey Blake ($3.75 million). Aaron Boone, meanwhile, will become a free agent. The Indians declined to pick up his option.

This is a good start to the off season: Westbrook at $6 million is great value, as is Blake at $3.75 million. Boone not on the team official opens the way for Andy Marte (most likely), an obvious improvement. All the moves were expected.


2 Responses to “If your option was picked up, please step forward. Not so fast, Boonie”

  1. dave . . . said

    signing kevin millwood worked. so did bob howry. but signing aaron boone coming off an injury just like those other two guys just didn’t pan out for indians gm mark shapiro and it will go down as one of his worst transactions in his tenure. the worst was the signing of “innings-eater” jason johnson, of course, and the 2nd worst was the ridiculous notion that ramon vazquez would make a “better fit” for utility infielder than brandon phillips, although much of the blame for that one can be laid on manager eric “the genius” wedge, but that’s beside the point. the tribe just cannot afford to miss on talent evaluation of a player that is coming off an injury, but they certainly did that with boone, unfortunately. i really hoped that he could resurrect his game here in cleveland, but alas, this is cleveland. with our luck, he will probably end up in a national league city next year and hit .280 with 25 home runs and 85 rbi’s and play at a gold glove level defensively. oh well, he just wasn’t going to do that here and so i say “good riddance”. hopefully, andy marte will be the next matt williams and boone will be nothing but a blip in our memories.

  2. The Johnson signing was bad, but he wasn’t terribly expensive, and neither was Boone. It’s unfortunate that he didn’t work out. I’m glad to see him gone and I have hope that Marte will make us forget Boone quickly. The Brandon Phillips deal was inane. That one’s on Wedge. But nothing the Indians did last off season cost the team a playoff berth this season. Howry was pretty good in Chicago, Millwood was average in Texas, Johnson wasn’t around long enough to really hurt the team. Phillips would have been nice, but one middle infielder wouldn’t have been the difference. This was just a strange season. Picking up bullpen help will be good, but bullpen pitching if fairly wild and unpredictable from year to year. I like the starting rotation a lot right now, although moving Byrd wouldn’t bother me. Finding a closer is not as high on my list as finding two or three strong arms for the bullpen in general. The Indians should be an even better offensive team next season than they were this season–finding guys who can keep leads in innings 6-8 really helps whoever closes.

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