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Quick hits

Posted by disappointmentzone on 1 October 2006


The refs in last night’s OSU/Iowa game were a joke. I gave up on missed or blown calls in the middle of the third quarter when my unofficial tally reached seven. The refs were at least indiscriminateI don’t think either team gained an advantage by their poor work.

For the first time this season Antonio Pittman looked ellusive. Previously I’ve complained that he’s been too focused on running into people, perhaps because that’s the roll Chris Wells has been given. But for the moment I think the formula for successful running was discovered last night. Pittman is the primary back. Wells is the short-yardage back. Wells is Pittman’s backup.

While I applaud Tressel for designing more plays in which Troy Smith is given the option to run, the plays themselves left much to be desired. The entire running game is boring. If Wells is bouncing every other run to the outside, it might be worth using sweeps.

Ginn 1: Whenever the cornerback covering Ginn is at least 10 yards off of him when he lines up, checking out of the play to a quick, one-step pass should be nearly automatic. This play worked very well against Iowa. It has the added benefit of forcing the cornerbacks to cover Ginn close at the line.

Ginn 2: I understand that he’s quick, fast, and slight-of-frame, but every time he gets the ball he runs like a spastic deer. Eventually 1) he’s going to take a major, blindsided hit that’ll threaten injury and 2) he’s going to fumble the ball. Just once I’d like to see him catch a pass, make one quick move, and then run forward.

Ginn 3: At least once every game Ginn should run a fly route. The success of these plays will be on Smith since Ginn is able to run past anyone who’s covering him.

The defense once again looked suspect. The turnovers are nice, but how much the defense relies on turnovers is disconcerting.


I would like to see a study done on the importance of a team’s record in a season to the success rate of signing free agents in the following off season. How much does going to a contender actually matter in football? With contracts that aren’t guaranteed I would imagine that money plays a significant factor. So is there a price required for each win a team is away from the playoffs that it has to pay free agents to play for their team? I wonder if the necessary data is be available. But if the number of wins doesn’t matter too much, then at this point in the season, if I’m honest, I’m pulling for moral victories more than actual victories. The Browns aren’t making the playoffs–their record is terrible and they play in the toughest division–so what’s the difference between 4-12 and 5-11 or 6-10? The only difference I’m sure of is the difference in draft picks. I’m not saying the Browns should purposefully quit in the middle of the first quarter each game, but if the team plays well and the game is close then what’s the point of winning? There might be financial considerations–fewer season tickets sold the next year? But if the team improves the following season(s) then the fans will be back. And the Browns have sucked for so long that the impact of reduced season ticket sales next year if the Browns go 0-16 this year probably isn’t that great. So what am I saying? The ideal game is a good showing that somehow results in a loss. That said, I think the Browns will beat Oakland, 24-13.


The last game of the season is today, in case you stopped caring about the Indians back in June or July (and who could blame you?). I’m plan on writing a lot more about the past season and the upcoming hot stove season, but right now I just have to think that playing this last game with anything approaching motivation must take a major amount of dedication.


Aston Villa tied Chelsea 1-1 on Saturday. This is a huge draw. If anything, it keeps Villa’s unbeaten streak alive.


One Response to “Quick hits”

  1. Josh said

    The Charlie Frye interception in the 4th quarter with about four minutes left was one of the most bonehead throws I have ever seen. He’s lucky that didn’t cost him

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