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Charlie Frye: QB Score: Weeks 1 & 2

Posted by disappointmentzone on 18 September 2006

[Quarterback Score is a new metric for rating a quarterback’s performance that is both easier to calculate and more complete than the NFL Passer Rating. For a full account of QB Score read The Wages of Wins. For partial–though sufficient–accounts of QB Score, click here, here, here, or here.]

At 0-2, the Browns seem to be following more closely the path I thought they would take rather than the path Peter King thought they could take, which is to say that the Browns stink and the outlook is grim. I thought the team would finish 4-12, but I had one of those wins against New Orleans. Now I’m scrambling to find which team could replace the Saints. Carolina has underperformed. Maybe the Panthers will piss away their season and the Browns will recapture that victory in week five, but I wouldn’t bet on it. The real hope for victory number four is in week 16 against Tampa, although I imagine the Bucs will by that point be averaging more than 1.5 points per game. Even more worrisome is that the AFC North is quickly presenting itself as arguably the best division in football. The Bengals, Steelers, and Ravens can all make legitimate claims for the postseason, while the Browns, at this point, look poised to make a claim for a top five draft pick. In fact, if the team reaches week 16 with only three wins I will certainly be rooting for the old “good showing” rather than an actual victory, much like I’m doing now with the Indians, although for different reasons (higher draft pick, Carthon being fired).

After yesterday’s loss I decided that I would be worth tracking the statistical performance of Charlie Frye, mostly because I have my concerns about Frye as the future quarterback of the team. I’m not here to pick on the poor fellow. If anything, I’m actively rooting for him to have unparalleled success. But Frye is single largest factor contributing to the team’s success and as such deserves to be picked apart by overzealous football fans. It’s our rights as Americans. If we can’t be overly critical about second-year quarterbacks from the Mid American Conference starting for their hometown teams, then the terrorists have already won (ahem).

With that said, here are Frye’s QB Scores from the first two weeks of the season, replete with his statistics for each week.

In week 1 Frye was the third-worst starting quarterback in the league. I haven’t done the full calculations for the remaining quarterbacks for week 2, but my guess is that Frye is probably still in the bottom third. Most glaring about his lines is that he has thrown two interceptions each week of the season. Most encouraging is that he wasn’t sacked against the Bengals. If Frye keeps up this pace of improvement, he should be an above average quarterback by the end of the season (this will not happen)!

UPDATE: An average quarterback will have a QB Score of 40. Really good quarterbacks will have QB Scores of 120-180, with QB Sc/Play of around 4.

10 Responses to “Charlie Frye: QB Score: Weeks 1 & 2”

  1. No MORE! said

    PLEASE JUST SELL THE TEAM…Cleveland and OHIO would be better off to just focus on THE OHIO STATE and the best High School football programs in all the country. Stop breaking grown men’s hearts for 40 years and just get rid of the BROWNS. Laughing stock of ALL professional sports……THE CLOWNS….

  2. I AGREE said

    I agree, just stop going to games….Strike until you have a team that can win more then 2 games a season. Cleveland has some of the best high school football in the country, it is pathetic that the professional team can not do anything. STOP SUPPORTING A DISASTER and walk away from the Browns! What a joke of a team.

  3. Josh said

    My biggest gripe is that we just have no way of knowing whether Frye can be above average because they really havent furnished him with an O-line who can give him time and a good system.

    Watch Romeo’s press conference on This doesn’t look like a guy who has answers. When the media called him out on some of his bad play-calling (not having Droughins in on 3rd and inches) he couldn’t even put together an excuse.

  4. Ben said

    What do you do if the Browns get the first pick? Pick a QB? Brady Quinn is the frontrunner for number 1 right now, but whats the point?

    There is no running game and no O-line. Drafting a QB at this point (no matter how Frye looks from here on out)I think is a bad move. Ya, Frye hasn’t looked good so far… but can anyone name a part of the Browns that did look good?

    The Browns can’t stop the run or get pressure on the QB. They can’t protect their QB or run the ball either.

    They could probably use a new QB… they could also use some young linemen (it feels liek I’ve been shouting this for 7 years now).

  5. If the Browns have the first pick they should trade down. Someone will want Brady Quinn enough to package together a deal with more draft picks and the Browns would be stupid to say no to such an offer.

    I would take Joe Thomas (OT) from Wisconsin unless some other lineman proves to be more valuable. There can be no running game without a good line and having a good passing game without a good line is very difficult. I like Edwards and Winslow, so I wouldn’t draft a receiver/tight end. I also like our running backs enough not to draft one in the first round. I’ll have a better idea about the weaknesses of the defense later in the season, so for now I say draft for the O line.

  6. Josh said

    I agree with you in theory on drafting OL except I might make an exception if Charlie Weis in private gives Romeo the green light on Brady Quinn. Weis knows QBs and Quinn has played in what is close to a pro system.

  7. Ben said

    Even if Quinn has the talent to be the next QB star, what’s it matter? The Brown won’t be able to protect him or run the ball. So what would be the point of drafting Quinn?

  8. I have watched Quinn about as much as an OSU fan would watch a ND player. I think he’s talented–makes good reads, is athletic, throws a catchable ball, has a fairly strong arm–but there is nothing about him that stands out to me. Then again, there is nothing about Tom Brady that stands out to me, either. Maybe that’s the result of just being above average in everything, outstanding at nothing. Or maybe I need to watch him some more.

  9. Ben said

    er… it should say “What’s the point of drafting Quinn or any other college QB”

    I’m not harping on Quinn (he’s just seems to be the consensus #1 pick right now), I want to Browns to take linemen, not skill players at this point. If you can’t run or pass protect, it doesn’t matter who is back there.

  10. I quarterback can make his receivers better and a great receiver can make his QB look like an all-star. In the history of football I can think of only one player who made his O line (look) better and that’s Berry Sanders. A horrible line will crush any decent player. Quarterbacks can only mask the quality of the line; quarterbacks can never overcome it. Until the line is solid, the Browns won’t be winning many games.

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