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Cleveland Browns previews

Posted by disappointmentzone on 16 September 2006

I have yet to write a pregame preview for any of the Browns games, and I’m not sure I’m going to. Living in Chicago–without satellite TV–means that actually getting the Browns telecast is very difficult, particularly in my neighborhood (Hyde Park).* CBS has the broadcast rights to AFC games, which means: If the CBS featured game (the game broadcast my Jim Nantz and Phil Simms) is played when the Browns play and does not feature the Browns, I get that game instead of the Browns. If the featured game is played when the Browns don’t play, I probably get the Colts or the Bears if they are playing at an AFC team. In order for me to get a Browns game I need the Colts play SNF or MNF and the Bears game and the CBS featured game to be at times other than when the Browns are playing (blackout rules), and then I need to cross my fingers. So it’s tough.

Aside: For others living outside of their favorite team’s market (and who don’t have satellite) here is a great page with coverage maps for both CBS and FOX for each week.

Without being able to watch the team play each week I think it’s best to leave the previews to those who are able to follow the team more closely than I can. With that said, here are a few previews that are worth checking out.

Greg’s Game Preview
Browns At Bengles Preview
The Chili’s Not Real Good, But The Bangels Are

If you have written a preview that you are particularly proud of and would like for it to be linked to here, drop me a note in the messages.

*If you know of a good place in Chicago to watch Browns games with other Browns fans please let me know. The farther south the better.


5 Responses to “Cleveland Browns previews”

  1. Josh said

    Watching Maurice Carthon playcall another awful game is missing out on a real treat.

  2. Anonymous said

    Watching Carthon call plays last year was a treat. I can’t believe he wasn’t fired. This absolutely stunned me. He must have incriminating photos of Romeo licking syrup off of someone.

  3. Anonymous said

    I agree the Browns offensive co. needs to be shown the door. I have never seen such sloppy, awful and misguided offensive play calling…umm, ever. He single handedly makes our offense look not only inexperienced but uncapable of even competing professionally.

  4. Josh said

    I think a good offensive coordinator comes to the game with a point of view. I don’t see it with CarthonCrennel. I see what Andy Reid tries to do, even last year when they lost. Same with Payton out in New Orleans. Whisenut in Pittsburgh. Even Marty Schottenheimer has a perspective — it might be boring and conservative but at least it is a “style”. I fail to grasp what Romeo and Carthon are trying to accomplish out there. i think the problem goes beyond lack of talent.

  5. No MORE! said

    I like what you say, as a life long Browns fan I have already cashed in the next 4 years for a great at best 9 and 7 season! I would rather NOT have a team in Cleveland, at least we know the outcome of every game! I am just about sick of the Browns being accepted as the laughing stock of professional sports! So from this 35 year fan…GOOD BY BROWNS!!!! And don’t worry I won’t be back on the “band waggon” because the Browns will NEVER go to the Super Bowl…..It was easier NOT having a team….This is the WORST franchise in ALL PRO SPORTS….People all over the country laugh at Cleveland…The fans should strike until the owners can produce a winning team…Wish 1986 and 1987 would have happened! Good luck all you fans…if there are any left?

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